Friday, May 4th 2012

ORICO Readies Dock for Ultrabook and MacBook Air

ORICO is working on a new line of slimline docks for Intel Ultrabook and Apple MacBook Air, which expand USB connectivity and provide an additional display output. Available in carbon black and white, the docks include a USB 3.0 hub with as many as five downstream USB 3.0 ports, a DisplayLink video adapter with DVI and HDMI output, and a gigabit Ethernet interface. The dock probably includes NAS functionality with mass storage devices attached to its USB ports. On top of all these, the dock includes fans to let it perform its primary function of cooling the Ultrabook or MacBook Air.

Source: Expreview
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4 Comments on ORICO Readies Dock for Ultrabook and MacBook Air

Completely Bonkers
Now this is a great product. Ultrabooks and Airs usually are port limited esp. WRT display options. With the dock your road warrior can pair up with your existing desktop TFT. Nice. But ORICO's design is a bit "fat" and hot! Look 2 fans under the grill cover. Shame. Should have designed a cooler device and used brushed alu all round without fans and dust holes.
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Breathless said:
Macbook Air's have USB 3.0?
They're due for a refresh, hopefully at WWDC.

Sooooooooooon. :toast:

I can't throw my money at the screen soon enough.
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how do these connect? displayport/thunderbolt?
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