Tuesday, May 8th 2012

SK Hynix Drops Out Of Race To Acquire Elpida

Japanese DRAM maker Elpida has been reporting chronic financial problems since the beginning of 2012. It soon filed for bankruptcy, driving interest in competitors Toshiba, Global Foundries, Micron and Hynix (SK Hynix), to acquire it. Hynix has now reportedly withdrawn from the Elpida takeover bid. The withdrawal is likely due to its own financial situation. Hynix is not the first to withdraw from the bid, the first to drop out was Toshiba. With the two gone, Micron Technology is next in line, with a bid of US $1.4 billion to buy out Elpida.
Source: HardwareInfo
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So the English localisation is back @ Hardware.info and I can see they have a British pricewatch too now (even though 17 shops is little compared to the 200+ in the Dutch version).

On-T: I guess it is going to be Micron then, unless GF is eagerly awaiting a chance to enter the memory chip market.
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