Thursday, June 7th 2012

Enermax Unveils Triathlor Series Mid-Range PSUs

Enermax showcased its newest line of mid-range PSUs, called Triathlor. Enermax talked about the new line back at CeBIT, in March. Available in a variety of sub-1000W capacities, Triathlor series consist of both fixed-cable and modular cable models. The modular ones are labeled Triathlor FC. A defining feature with all models is 80 Plus Bronze (~82 percent efficiency) and ErP Lot 6 compliance. The fixed cables on all Triathlor models feature Enermax' signature gold-stripe sleeving, while the detachable cables included in the modular ones are flat and black to ease air-flow. All models use 135 mm fans.
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looks nice I like enermax psus
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greek world

o Triathlor is a Greek word "τριαθλος"
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