Wednesday, June 20th 2012

Intel Reveals 22nm "Avoton" SoC for Micro Servers in 2013

Today during the Structure Conference in San Francisco, Jason Waxman, GM of the Cloud Infrastructure Group outlined Intel's vision and roadmap for microservers and discussed how they best suited to handle emerging "scale-out" applications. Waxman provided an update on Intel's roadmap for microservers including new generations of Intel Xeon processors and Intel Atom architecture based 22nm SoC chips codenamed "Avoton", both scheduled for 2013. In his blog Jason also talks about why within the new segment of servers it is the application that will decide which core - Intel Atom or Xeon - will be the optimal solution. Waxman's presentation can be found here.
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4 Comments on Intel Reveals 22nm "Avoton" SoC for Micro Servers in 2013

they are still producing atom in 2013 ?
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from the name R are missing :) AVOrTON :)
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adrianx said:
from the name R are missing :) AVOrTON :)
Yeah, I was thinking exactly about that. :laugh:
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HOLY SH*T!!! Finally something worth getting rid of my Pentium 4 Home Server for. With how ITX cases have gotten, along with how Atom is going SoC (which it should have in the first place), and finally how HDD's have hit 4TB! Whoo hoo, bring on the Avaton!
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