Wednesday, August 29th 2012

Toshiba Shows Off its Own Windows 8-Powered Tablet-Ultrabook Hybrid

Like its compatriot Sony, Toshiba has taken advantage of IFA 2012 to showcase a Windows 8 hybrid machine that can be used as a tablet or as an ultrabook, depending on its owner's needs. Known as the Satellite U925t, Toshiba's 'best of both worlds' mobile solution is just 0.78 inches thick, it weighs 3.2 pounds (~ 1.45 kg), and features a 12.5-inch sliding touchscreen (protected by Gorilla Glass), a backlit keyboard, an Intel Core i5 (Ivy Bridge) processor, a 128 GB SSD, a rear-facing 3-megapixel camera, and a HD webcam.

The U925t also has two USB 3.0 ports, a HDMI output, support for Intel's Wireless Display technology, NFC, and comes pre-loaded with a few branded apps like Desktop Assist, Toshiba Central, App Place, News Place and Book Place. Toshiba's creation is expected to become available on October 26th (Windows 8's launch day) priced just north of $1,000.

Source: LAPTOP Magazine
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5 Comments on Toshiba Shows Off its Own Windows 8-Powered Tablet-Ultrabook Hybrid

Windows 8 blows.
Sticking with win7.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
u2konline said:
Windows 8 blows.
Sticking with win7.
It'll be awesome on these devices.

I love these devices. Now bring out some good ones in the $500 territory!
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Velvet Wafer
no APUs on this kind of devices? Fail , if they dont add that, what do you need an I3 for when you can have 400 shaders!:laugh:
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Too thick, too heavy.
Toshiba really doesn't a good job on the thin and light area.
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