Tuesday, November 27th 2012

MSI Bundles RC Car with Z77 MPower Motherboard

MSI is bundling limited stocks of Z77 MPower motherboards with a fan heatsink a toolkit something useful RC cars! The car, which complements the board's racy black and yellow color scheme is bundled with the motherboard package, which likely bloats it. The size and features of the car aren't known, but in all likelihood it's a $10-ish toy, and not something you can go to your friendly neighborhood RC racing league with. The other part of the bundle (the Z77 MPower), though, can form the backbone of a world-conquering gaming PC.
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9 Comments on MSI Bundles RC Car with Z77 MPower Motherboard

ya not excited... and this is coming from someone that has RC cars... but all of mine are racers not "toys"
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My name is Dave
The car is so you can race to the store to buy replacement parts.


Kinda sad I already got a board...pretty good board, too.
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Yawn, wake me up when they bundle something good that has to do with computer!...
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Is this something to play with while waiting for an RMA?
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Waiting for someone to RMA the RC car when it breaks after a few days. :roll:
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Cool! I own this mb and its fast.
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They're trying to get the people who want to buy the Asrock Z77 OC Formula to buy this bundle.

formula one car = rc toy = msi logic
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You all can laugh, ill be rollin with mah RC while haters will hate

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It's certainly an interesting addition lol. Last time I heard this was the DiRT3 bundle but that came with a proper $300 RC car and actually worked out cheaper than the car and game separately :laugh:
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