Sunday, January 6th 2013

AMD Launches a Pair of E-Series APUs

AMD launched a pair of new E-series low-power APUs, the E2-2000, and the E1-1500. The two dual-core chips are based on the same (albeit refined) "Bobcat" micro-architecture as other E-series parts. The E2-2000 CPU cores are clocked at 1.75 GHz, with its Radeon iGPU clocked at 700 MHz; while the E1-1500 features 1.50 GHz CPU core frequency, and 529 MHz iGPU. TDP of both chips are rated at 18W, both feature 1 MB of L2 cache, 80 VLIW5 stream processors, DirectX 11 support, and UVD3 support. In addition to the higher clock speeds, the single-channel memory controller on the E2-2000 supports faster DDR3-1333 MHz, while the E1-1500 makes do with DDR3-1066 MHz. Various new devices launched at the 2013 International CES are based around the two.
Source: Expreview
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So, basically there is absolutely no need for me to think about changing my AMD E-450. I kinda hate the slow updating of CPU's in this segment. Also look at the Atom's. They haven't changed much since the Atom N270. They just stuffed more cores, shrinked and repackaged them. And thats about it. It might change slightly only with the latest version that is still not released...
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The Jedi
Single-channel memory, eh? We haven't had that in a while.
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