Monday, February 18th 2013

New Radeon HD 7000 Series Products in 1H-2013

Over the last weekend, AMD hosted a teleconference with the press in which it charted out its strategy for 2013. Older reports led us to believe that the company's next-generation GPU lineup won't launch any time before Q4, but the press overlooked another possibility, that AMD could make additions to its existing HD 7000 series product family, before Q4.

The current Radeon HD 7000 appears "complete," due to the fact that there are products covering nearly every competitive price point. With the introduction of the GeForce GTX Titan, NVIDIA could gain two products in the price-range of $900-$1200, the other being GTX 690. AMD's various board partners, lead by TUL-affiliated ones, and HIS, launched the HD 7990 around the $800 mark, and ASUS topped things up with the Republic of Gamers ARES II at an unreal $1,600 point, which AMD claims is the fastest graphics card money can buy.

AMD will adopt a three-pronged approach to the first three quarters of 2013:
  • Market its existing performance-thru-extreme products with the Never Settle Reloaded game bundle that ships graphics cards with two to eight recently-launched AAA game titles, including Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider 2013, and DmC Devil May Cry
  • Keep working on performance improvements on existing products with driver updates. New WHQL-signed drivers are release on a monthly to bi-monthly basis, with multiple beta releases in between
  • Make "robust roadmap additions to the existing Radeon HD 7000 lineup" within the first half of 2013 (by the end of June).
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TRWOV said:
reminds me of my times at Gamefaqs :laugh:

I'd love a 7730 or something like that though. Make it <$65.
you and me both. I'd say a single slot 7770 at $80 is a deal for me. I can fit it in any case and play almost any game at 1080p. I can run it on a small 360watt PSU also.
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