Tuesday, February 19th 2013

Microsoft Officially Launches Outlook.com

Today, Microsoft Corp announced that its highly popular email service, Outlook.com, is ready for prime time. Since the release of Outlook.com last summer as a preview, millions of people have already actively started using it, making it the world's fastest growing email service, going from 0 to 60 million in just six months.

A vision for modern email
Email is a critical part of our everyday lives; email plays a crucial role in how we get things done. Outlook.com was designed as an email service focused on removing barriers and simply getting people going. Outlook.com gets people going in four key areas:

● Delivering a beautiful, fresh and intuitive experience on modern browsers and devices
● Keeping people connected with their friends and co-workers across the networks they really use
● Providing a smart and powerful inbox to handle today's email needs including SkyDrive for sharing virtually anything in a single email
● Putting people back in control by prioritizing their privacy

More than 60 million help make the Outlook.com vision come to life
Through the preview, Microsoft has heard a great deal about customers' favorite features, the way they use the product, and how well Outlook.com is delivering on the company's vision for modern email. For example, Outlook.com lets customers connect to popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Today, millions of people are using those features to keep up to date with friends' contact info updates, photos and Tweets. Outlook.com is also designed to make it easy to send hundreds of photos and videos in a single message – all powered by SkyDrive. After only six months, nearly half of all people using Outlook.com have already used SkyDrive to share more than half a billion photos and Office documents.

A great upgrade for Hotmail customers
Starting today, Microsoft will begin to upgrade every Hotmail user to Outlook.com. The upgrade is seamless and instant for Hotmail customers; everything from their @hotmail.com email address, password, contacts, etc. will stay the same. Now Hotmail customers will get all the benefits from the redesigned Outlook.com experience: a fresh and intuitive user interface, lots of new features, and better performance.

Get started today
Those who would like to get the new benefits of the Outlook.com experience can check it out today at Outlook.com.
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33 Comments on Microsoft Officially Launches Outlook.com

way better then hotmail's look and feel. Plus the name hotmail is just awkward and what were they thinking?? LOL
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
remixedcat said:
way better then hotmail's look and feel. Plus the name hotmail is just awkward and what were they thinking?? LOL
hotmail.com was before society got all pervy about internet porn :roll:
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Saidrex said:
Pffff. I see on screenshots it has add's. I'll pass. Nothing is worse than e-mail stuffed full with add's.
Frick said:
Doesn't all free email providers have ads? I'm pretty sure they do.
Absolution said:
Thats odd, my outlook doesnt have ads.

I actually prefer it over gmail. Switched over already.
My outlook doesn't have ads also.

I too want to switch to Outlook and leave Gmail behind... but Stuck because of my Android phone which needs a Google account :banghead: .
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If it is more feature reach than Hotmail I may well consider swapping my hotmail address to outlook.com. The only reason I have one is I have had it for around 12 years now and pretty much use it for pretty much everything. Only thing is after 12 years my emal address has attracted all sorts of spam and the Hotmail junk filter is utter SHITE as I can flag something as junk and get another one from the same address pop up in my inbox 20 mins later.

Easy Rhino said:
hotmail.com was before society got all pervy about internet porn :roll:
I remember those days :p spent many hours in MSN/Yahoo chat before all the garden wall social networking shite lol
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feature reach yeah
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brandonwh64 said:
I had 68 messeges.... all spam.... NO THANK YOU
thats what i love about gmail. i've never had a spam message in my inbox, and its extremely rare (usually a mailing list i actually signed up for) for a legit email to appear in spam.
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So this wont send my emails to my computer? i still view them from a server right? its just a new skin? and name? correct?
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That's a great news. I love using Outlook specifically when it is having so good list of features and functionality. Thanks for the update.
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