Wednesday, February 27th 2013

Apacer Launches Value-Added PATA SSDs

Nowadays, new products in the SSD market have mostly been upgraded to the more efficient and high-speed SATA interface solid-state drive. However, the majority of industrial computers (IPC) are still using the PATA interface (or IDE interface), which are now facing certain problems -- malfunctioning and bad tracks are beginning to emerge in the older technology and facilities.

To solve the problem, one of the most viable upgrade options at this stage in terms of data security and cost effectiveness would be the PATA interface solid-state drive with built-in security functions. In response to customer needs, Apacer launched this value-added PATA SSDs with Data Security benefit. These products come in two specifications - 2.5-inch, 44 pin AFD 257 and 1.8-inch 40 pin AFD 187. Both models come with three built-in data security functions - Full Erase, Destroy, and Write Protect to provide advanced and upgraded data security advantages.
Apacer Data security technology provides three protection options catering to different needs. "Full Erase" technology ensures effective and complete erasure of data stored in the User Block and Free Block to achieve thorough deletion of confidential information and prevent intentional data theft. "Destroy" technology is an advanced cleaning technology that clears data from not only the storage blocks but also the system blocks. The purpose is to completely destroy the drive, so that the information in the drive will not be retrieved and reused. This technology meets the requirement for national defense-class surveillance facilities, which requires fast and complete destruction of confidential data. In addition to the complete erasure technologies, Apacer has also developed the exclusive "Virtual Write" technology to effectively protect the data stored in the drive. This technology is designed based on the concept of virtualization of the write-in process, which allows the user to choose from executing the write-in command or store the data in a temporary space. Under the temporary mode, the data is not written into the flash; instead it is stored independently from the operating system. Therefore, when abnormal activities are discovered in the system, one simple reboot will make the temporary virtual data disappear completely and effectively. This prevents malicious or unintentional alteration of confidential information, without affecting the stability of the operating system installed in the drive.

"To make the data security functions easy to trigger for customers, AFD 257 can be customized to suit different needs through combinations of software and hardware options," said Jeff Lin, the embedded application product division director of Apacer. For the hardware-driven option, a wafer connector is designed at the bottom of AFD 257, which enables direct activation of the unit through simple plug-and-play of the male wafer header. However, this option is not available for some closed systems. Therefore, we have designed another option for the closed systems. Closed systems can be driven through external cables; all you need are a few customized buttons on the control panel to achieve direct connection to AFD 257 and simple upgrade of your system.

The PATA interface AFD solid-state drive series has expandability up to 256GB. It comes not only with high-standard value-added security functions, but also the newest transmission technology - PIO Mode-4, MWDMA Mode-2, and Ultra DMA-6. It also supports 72-bit ECC function, wear-leveling technology, and S.M.A.R.T. self-monitoring analysis reporting technology. Users can choose from the highest stability SLC or most cost-effective MLC solutions. The SLC granules guarantee normal operation under an industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C), which means that the industrial systems remain stable even under long-term exposure to high-temperature or direct sunlight or extreme low temperature. The new technologies provide the old systems instant upgrade to the high-speed, high-efficiency, energy-saving, and high-durability advantages of the solid-state drive through AFD 257 and AFD 187. Plus, the customized and enhanced data security protection technology instantly upgrades the industrial systems to the newest and most cost-effective technology.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
I would totally be interested in the 1.8 model if it was cheap. I bet it isn't. :(
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Ultra-DMA 6...hmmm not bad at max 133MB/s...but in reality it wont be bigger than 100MB/s due to overhead and stuff...I think a cheaper and bigger HDD would be better?
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Prima.Vera, post: 2854960"
Ultra-DMA 6...hmmm not bad at max 133MB/s...but in reality it wont be bigger than 100MB/s due to overhead and stuff...I think a cheaper and bigger HDD would be better?
HDDs can manage those speeds in sequential reads and writes, but in reality most workloads are not sequential, and HDDs can drop below 1MB/s on 4k random reads.
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I'd love to get one for my older IBM laptop. the ironic part... the laptop has a sata controller but they put in a sata to pata chip and used pata drives instead... i guess sata hard drives were just too expensive at the time
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