Thursday, March 7th 2013

LucidLogix Virtu MVP 2.0 Software Suite Available

LucidLogix (Lucid) today announced the next generation of its GPU Virtualization software, Virtu MVP 2.0, is now available for direct sale to all gamers, videophiles and PC enthusiasts who own Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge motherboards, with an NVIDIA or AMD discrete graphic card, by download on the Lucid online shop.

"Virtu MVP allows our customers to get the maximum multimedia experience from their dual core system, while preserving energy consumption," said Offir Remez, president of Lucid. "With MVP 2.0, games simply look better and respond quickly, video encoding is faster and multi-screen computing is more manageable."

Lucid Virtu MVP 2.0 takes the best of the original software with GPU Virtualization, Virtual Vsync and Hyperformance features and makes it even better with improved visual quality and responsiveness. Additionally, it features a new animated graphical user interface with .Net 4, supports multiple languages, integrates Windows 8, and is enhanced for Intel Core Processors.

All games from AAA titles to casual games and content creation apps are automatically supported for the frame rate and visual quality benefits of Virtual Vsync. Hundreds of today's top games have been tested with the responsiveness boosting Hyperformance feature including Diablo III, Dragon Age II, Lost Planet 2, Mass Effect 3, Metro 2033, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat, StarCraft II and The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

"Since its soft launch this month, Virtu MVP 2.0 has already attracted significant traffic and interest from consumers," added Remez. "Whether buying it directly from Lucid's online shop or from our upcoming laptop and motherboard partners, we expect Virtu MVP 2.0 to provide that extra edge in gaming competitiveness and video editing speed."

Pricing & Availability
The optimal system specifications Virtu MVP 2.0 include an Intel Core i5 (Sandy Bridge) on an Intel "Sandy Bridge" or "Ivy Bridge" motherboard with an NVIDIA Geforce 460GTX or similar or better AIB and 2GB or more memory running Windows 7 or Windows 8 in either 32-bit or 64-bit modes.

With special launch prices, Virtu MVP 2.0 is now available in three models: Basic with GPU virtualization for $34.99 (USD), Standard with Virtual Vsyncfor $44.99 and Pro with Hyperformance and Virtual Vsyncfor $54.99.
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15 Comments on LucidLogix Virtu MVP 2.0 Software Suite Available

Steven B
its nice that they let you buy it direct/

The motherboard manufacturer has to license it to the board.
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If someone was/is able to get Virtu MVP running good in games, do tell. So far, I haven't been able to run it properly.

I remember I tried Hyperformance on one game (don't remember which one) and while the fps increase (fraps monitoring), the game wasn't smooth at all. On other games it simply doesn't work, just creates lots of artifacts.

It's too bad really, since I bought my particular motherboard just to try out Virtu MVP since there are some reviewers who said it was working pretty well. Ah, my bad really for getting my hopes a little higher than usual. :o
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Good luck at those prices, and three different SKU's, wtf?

Virtu MVP has been quite buggy so far and I've had to turn it of for half of the games I play due to this, so unless they can improve on this, no dice.
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I kinda like the idea but we really need the whole thing standardized on the hardware level and built into the chipsets, and also the ability to turn it on/off from the bios. This buggy optional custom software "flavor" what is holding this thing back imo.
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If I only could set my Geforce totally off during office work and use the Intel iGPU, never managed to make it work.

That said, pay for Virtua? Are they mad, it comes with the mobos and is halfassed, so I expect this to be offered free from the mobo maker....
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All this software ever did for me is crash my games...
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I have better performance almost in every game without Virtu MVP 2.0 . Don't know why but this tool makes my games to run at about 20%-50% slower .
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why would I go out and buy a product that never worked as promoted to do and I paid for it already with my motherboard purchase?
Now if they want to let me down load it free from my MB site cool! I still wont be using it unless someone comes in and says its improving performance with there video experience. Not sure why they think we would consider purchasing it after all the hype they made with it, only to see it fall on its face and be removed/deleted just so we could run our systems with out errors.
They should pay me for time spent downloading then figuring out what was causing the issue then deleting and downloading again.
Yeah ok Intel you need to step back and revise your marketing scheme so the public would EVEN consider wasting more time on something proven usless!
My two cents....

Wanted to edit this as I know the OP was for people of the forums info, I don't mean to SPEW off about something that people can buy although why I have no clue!! Here's the link witch has TWO separate downloads one for people that paid for it already(witch is different from the AWESOME2.0 version):twitch:
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Lucid Logix Virtu MVP2 caused blue screens more time as any failure overclockeng on my PC. :cry:Should I pay for a program that is not working properly every few hours and did not even usable in SLI or Crossfire configuration. :wtf:What are They Trying to sell us! bunch of crashes, pis of crap ! it is also expensive for persone with one GPU in PC should be given as driver !:slap:
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theres a decent overview on Virtu MPV and Hyperformance in this article

the Hyperformance is designed to only help if already getting over 60 fps and as a side effect, makes fps readings irrelevant cause it reads partially rendered frames too, plus doesnt actually increase performance like its being promoted, its about improving responsiveness/coodination, like with kb and mouse lag. Its to produce an overall smoother experience, not more frames
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Big Member
bogami said:
Lucid Logix Virtu MVP2 caused blue screens more time as any failure overclockeng on my PC. :cry:Should I pay for a program that is not working properly every few hours and did not even usable in SLI or Crossfire configuration. :wtf:What are They Trying to sell us! bunch of crashes, pis of crap ! it is also expensive for persone with one GPU in PC should be given as driver !:slap:
It ran fine in mine.
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TheMailMan78 said:
It ran fine in mine.
Yes it shood you hewe one GPU i got 4wey SLI and das not suport SLI or CrosFire. Sory for my eng .;)
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Buyer Beware

I've been using the trial for VirtuMVP 2.0 for about a week and tried it in many recent game titles. I'm impressed, and felt it's a natural evolution from the 1st version, although I didn't notice many differences between the two versions despite a gui change. I inquired about pricing, but was sadly disappointed.

Not only did they produce 3 seperate versions (Basic, Standard, and Pro) all priced different which previously version 1.0 included everything, but the license you buy is TIME LIMITED. Meaning its only good for one year from date of installation, then you must pay again to gain additional time use. I inquired on their support forums as to the reason behind this, and they replied it was do to ongoing support. Sorry, but unless there is a significant advantage for paying on a yearly basis I refuse to pay $60 for a product that does not need continuous updates such as a virus scanner.. etc. I'll stick to 1.0 thanks.
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