Tuesday, May 7th 2013

MSI Also Announces Wind Top AE1941 All-in-One Desktop

MSI has released the all new AE1941 based around the Intel 847 CPU. The AE1941 retains the fantastic white color and crystal frame design of the AE1900 series while introducing Intel's new generation of ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) CPUs, especially its Fanless design, which is an industry first. The integration of touch control and multimedia sharing functions together with an even more energy-efficient, stylish and space-saving for home interiors giving the AE1941 a high-tech class of its own.
Minimalist Style with High Performance and Lower Power Consumption
The Wind Top AE1941 uses a 16:9 aspect ratio of 18.5" LED Backlight LCD panel. The unibody design in fantastic white and goes with the crystal frame that presents the minimalist style. The combination of extreme computing performance, multimedia instant-messaging functionality, low noise, and energy efficiency is an exercise in sophistication among high-technology. The Wind Top AE1941 is also at the forefront of fashion, with a touch control display that puts everything within a flick of your finger tips. The exclusively user-friendly WinTouch4 touch user interface design makes it even easier to master every function. The AE1941 maintains the slim and space-saving characteristics of the All-in-One series so that you can enjoy even more flexibility in the use of space during your pursuit of minimalist chic.

The Wind Top AE1941 is equipped with the Intel 847 ULV processor. Apart from offering the same exceptional performance as desktop PCs, it also delivers ultra lower power consumption. Thanks to the advanced fanless design of the AE1941, its near silent operation greatly enhances the user experience for consumers.

Smart multimedia file sharing
The Wind Top AE1941 incorporates Smart Media Link and Smart Sync, two of MSI's latest developments, to take advantage of cloud technology. MSI Smart Media Link allows the user to show/play videos, music, and photos in real-time on tablets, notebooks, cell phones, and DLNA-supporting televisions on WiFi and LAN. Using MSI Smart Sync, you can sync the data on your AIO, including your Outlook contacts and calendar as well as photos, music, texts, and bookmarks, with other computers or mobile phones. Keeping your to-do list and other information synced was never so easy. And not only does it back your data up, it helps keep inadvertently duplicated information to a bare minimum.

Upgrade Performance while Saving Power and Reducing Carbon Emissions
The MSI All-in-One PC was the first in the industry to introduce LED backlight panels for major savings in power consumption. Each LED panel consumes 30% less power than a conventional CCFL panel. All MSI all-in-one PCs meet the rigorous US Energy Star requirements as well, to effectively reduce their power consumption.
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