Wednesday, May 8th 2013

SMART Modular Technology Announces 24GB CoolFlex DDR3 RDIMM

SMART Modular Technologies, Inc., a leading independent designer, manufacturer and supplier of value added subsystems including memory modules, flash memory cards and other solid state storage products, today announced the addition of a 24GB CoolFlex RDIMM to its product lineup. The 24GB DDR3-1333 1.35V RDIMM helps solve unique memory capacity constraints in servers. SMART's CoolFlex module product family uses state-of-the-art flexible substrate technology to increase system memory capacity.

Servers configured with two processors and sixteen registered DIMMs are generally limited to a maximum memory capacity of 256GB. When using 16GB DDR3-1333 RDIMMs these systems can be fully populated. However, when switching to 32GB four-rank RDIMMs, the maximum number of DIMMs per Channel (DPC) drops down to one. A system configured with two channels per processor and four DIMMs per channel can only be populated with one 32GB RDIMM per channel for a total memory capacity of 128GB. SMART's new 24GB Coolflex RDIMM solves this constraint by allowing these systems to be fully populated with sixteen 24GB RDIMMs totaling 384GB and representing a 50% increase in memory capacity.
CoolFlex is a proven technology that helps increase memory density, reduce costs, and leverage multi-source DRAM supply chains with highly reliable, high-speed, thermally enhanced DDR3 RDIMMs. By combining CoolFlex and DDR3 technologies, SMART Modular offers OEMs a practical and cost-effective high-density solution that provides superior signal integrity performance versus standard PCB options.

"SMART Modular has extensive experience providing leading-edge, high-density solutions to Tier 1 OEMs around the world," stated Mike Rubino, SMART Modular's Vice President of Engineering. "This new 24GB RDIMM takes advantage of our strengths in printed circuit board and high-speed design capabilities."
"With increasing data demands, our customers need a solution that will increase memory capacity and application performance while reducing power consumption," said Jim Ganthier, Vice President, Marketing and Operations, Industry Standard Servers and Software, HP. "Utilizing SMART technology within the HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 server ensures users have an efficient system with expanded compute power for maximum performance."

Customers ordering the HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 server from HP can request their system to be configured with 24GB CoolFlex RDIMMs from SMART. For customers who already have the HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 system and want to upgrade using the 24GB RDIMMs, the ordering part numbers are listed below.
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I seem to have drooled myself. :twitch:
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This is cool for servers.
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Heh. How much does it cost, $300 per stick?
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Check your facts

There's no 1DPC limit for quad rank DIMMs. Intel chipset supports up to 2DPC for quad rank!

BTW, Kingston supports the HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 to 512GB with 32GB RDIMMs and 32GB LRDIMMs.
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emmjay28 is right. Current max with 32GB dimms is 512GB per server. Using 24GB dimms will let them use 3 dimms per channel (current max) and hit 576GB per server.

An increase of 12.5%. Not quite 50%....
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