Tuesday, June 4th 2013

Phoenix Technologies Debuts New BIOS Developed In Collaboration With Intel

Phoenix Technologies Ltd., the global leader in UEFI firmware, products and tools, will preview major advances for BIOS technology and future developments at this year's Computex.

Phoenix next-generation BIOS featured on Intel's 2013 Ultrabook FFRD
As Intel's elected partner in developing the UEFI BIOS for next-generation devices, Phoenix is demonstrating its forward-thinking leadership in support of Ultrabook designs with a feature set that optimizes responsiveness, mobility, connectivity and power efficiency focused on delivering an extraordinary user experience. At Computex 2013, Phoenix will demonstrate Intel's next-generation Ultrabook FFRD featuring Phoenix SecureCore Technology 3.1 in certified compliance with Intel Rapid Start Technology, Smart Response Technology, Smart Connect Technology, Anti-Theft Technology and Identity Protection Technology.

Unique collaboration with Intel and Microsoft on EDK II
Through their patented core technology, Phoenix is a major contributor to the UEFI specification and Windows 8.1 UEFI requirements. As a result of the collaboration between Microsoft and Phoenix on UEFI security, Phoenix submitted to the open-source EDK II developer forum its implementation of an umbrella of security defenses recommended by Microsoft. In addition, Phoenix continues to collaborate and support Intel's server software development platforms. This joint effort enables Phoenix's customers to achieve balance between complex multi-core chipset bring-up and software design, bringing performance and scalability to server systems.

Phoenix's unique GUI for Intel-based tablets
Phoenix SecureCore Technology now supports touchscreen input, offering OEM/ODM partners more startup flexibility for tablet products. Phoenix's patent-pending GUI provides a seamless user experience that bridges Windows 8 and Phoenix BIOS. Directed towards a rich touch-based and interactive experience, Phoenix's Windows 8-style patent-pending GUI provides a seamless UI BIOS setup and programmable touch hot zone. With its GUI BIOS setup that provides the most intuitive environment yet for users to configure their BIOS, Phoenix continues to be at the forefront of emerging mobile technologies.

Phoenix announces Phoenix Desktop Manager 2.0
Phoenix Desktop Manager (PDM) 2.0 provides an enhanced windowing system and control primitives based on Phoenix's Windows 8-style full graphic user interface (GUI). PDM 2.0 also features a seamless user experience for touch and various control widgets. Additionally, PDM 2.0 is an extensive firmware platform with extensions for OEM grouping of pre-boot UEFI apps, native network stack support for remote management and an embedded file explorer for file extensions.

Phoenix at Computex Taipei 2013
Glimpse the latest technological innovations and next generation UEFI BIOS by experiencing Phoenix SecureCore Technology at the Phoenix suite, room 2424 at the Grand Hyatt Taipei, from June 4 to June 7, 2013.
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