Tuesday, September 3rd 2013

Toshiba Announces New Hello Kitty Co-branded Memory Cards

Toshiba will release in mid-September the new product of SDHC memory card which designed popular character Sanrio Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Sanrio), the Hello Kitty. This was the second of the product collaboration with Sanrio, I finish it in the original design of the limit which treated the face of Hello Kitty. In addition, it now supports the UHS Speed ??Class 1 in the UHS-I interface for high-speed SD speed class that guarantees 10MB / second or more data transfer speed of reading and writing at the time as "Class 10". In collaboration with Sanrio in the future, the Company has scheduled the release of memory products with various character was designed also to other than Hello Kitty.
The main specifications of the new product:
  • Name of product: SD-H08GKT
  • Capacity: 8GB
  • Speed-class: Class 10
  • Interface: SD memory card standard compliant
  • Power-supply voltage: 2.7 ~ 3.6V
  • Compliance: SD memory card standard compliant
  • External dimensions 32.0mm (L) × 24.0mm (W) × 2.1mm (T)
  • Mass About 2g
  • Operating environment:
    o Temperature: -25 ~ 85 ° C.
    o (non-condensing) 30 ~ 80% RH: humidity
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6 Comments on Toshiba Announces New Hello Kitty Co-branded Memory Cards

O yeah sweeet...
I want pink microsd card too
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What questionnaire did the marketing dept. do in order to come to the conclusion:
Bob: "You know what the SD card market is missing?"

I demand Action Man themed SD card to make me feel like a man. It is my tablets destiny to be inserted with testosterone.
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Something tells me that bta uploaded this just for the lolz
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Independent lab testing has proven the added cuteness of Hello Kitty has increased sequential read and write performance by 75%.
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para pa-pa-paaa, im lov-in-it..
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May 23rd, 2022 19:35 EDT change timezone

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