Monday, September 9th 2013

Latest ENERMAX Notebook Cooling Pad Looks and Sounds Great

ENERMAX, the cooling solution expert, maker of outstanding cooling fans and chassis, releases its newest cooling pad, TWISTERODIO 16 CP008. This new model offers a stylish, brushed aluminum cooling platform along with DreamBass chip powered speakers. The TWISTERODIO 16, just like the other ENERMAX cooling pads, offers innovative and fun features to keep your notebook running cool and sounding great.

TWISTERODIO 16 cooling pad is a high quality notebook cooler with classical appearance and a USB extension. It comes with a manual fan speed control for the best balance between silence and performance. TWISTERODIO 16 cooling pad is specially designed to solve two common problems with most laptops: overheat and poor sound quality. This unique cooling pad not only provides a sleek exterior with well-designed cooling fan, but an audio plug-in for the use of the attached speakers. The two integrated speakers are powered by the DreamBass sound chip for full-surround sound experience with exceptional bass and crystal-clear vocal performances.
With the massive brushed aluminum design, you get the highest durability and lifetime use. The large area allows for a full-sized wrist rest which puts minimum pressure on your wrists while typing. The comfort is even more pronounced because of the ergonomic angle which tilts for maximum typing comfort. There is also a nice weight to it so it won't move easily while typing.

Like all of the Enermax notebook coolers, the new TWISTERODIO 16 comes with four rubber feet which prevent sliding. It is compatible with notebooks up to 16" in size. Enermax TWISTERODIO CP008 is available now. Retail price is US$39.99. For more information, please visit the]Enermax website.
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I dont really see the point of these cooling pads, except if your laptop's body is aluminum or got vents below right there these pads have the fans.
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