Tuesday, December 17th 2013

Galaxy Launches Gamer Series Graphics Cards

One of NVIDIA's higher volume GeForce add-in card (AIC) partners, Galaxy, launched the Gamer Series of graphics cards. The first in the series, pictured below, was unveiled at a press event in China, and is based on the GeForce GTX 760 graphics processor. The card features a swanky cooling solution that you'll either love or hate; a custom-design PCB, and a large factory-overclock. The GTX 760 Gamer ships with 1086 MHz core, 1150 MHz GPU Boost, and an untouched 6.00 GHz memory. The dual-slot "Gamer" cooling solution features an aluminium fin-stack heatsink, and a pair of 80 mm fans ventilating it, covered by a die-cast metal shroud. Galaxy didn't detail plans to take the card global, but its launch in the Greater China region is certain.
Source: Expreview
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4 Comments on Galaxy Launches Gamer Series Graphics Cards

It's good that "Gamer" is there, otherwise i would have no freaking idea who this product is intended for.

Companies these days put no effort in naming their products.
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It's made for same generation of stupid people ... who's buying product bcuz their better looking.
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I can't wait for the Galaxy "It Does Graphics" video cards.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Don't get why you're complaining. It's not any worse than other names.
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