Monday, January 6th 2014

Feenix Unveils the Autore Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Feenix, the premiere boutique peripheral firm for luxury gaming instruments, is excited to debut the Autore. A keyboard with a design inspired by Stanley Kubrick that provides gamers with faster typing and less fatigue

"Our goal was to create an intelligent product for a very intelligent market." Said Feenix Creative Director, Ashkon Shayani."The Autore offers the fastest possible reaction times and features top quality workmanship that we know gamers will appreciate."
Modeled after the monolith from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey; the Autore is a minimalist tool that meets the needs of aggressive gamers and typists. Lightweight keycaps with cherry MX Brown switches provide an effortless click and tactile response. Feenix font and aluminum coating keep the keyboard's surface elegant and durable, while a subtle upward angel offers optimal wrist comfort. A gold metal plate running through the length of the chassis provides brilliant durability.

The Autore includes a HAL-approved gold plated modular mini USB to USB connection with an optional PS/2 adapter for lightning fast transference and full key rollover capability.A double Polyurethane layer is built alongside the keyboard's aluminum coating for added surface quality and protection against spills and beverage damage. The Autore is currently available for preorder at for $163.
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Just another Costar OEM...just get a Rosewill lol.
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This company seems bullshit-based on par with Razer, which is odd to me since they've barely existed for any time at all. I've been waiting for a company that makes nicely designed gaming peripherals instead of "gamerz" styling, but everything else about them is really disappointing so far.
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Received keyboard as a gift (very cool), but don't even try to call their support. It is beyond bad, left two voice mail messages, sent one email, NO ANSWER!!!!
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Luxury gaming?


Do you also get grey poupon?
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