Thursday, January 9th 2014

ASUS Announces Cerberus Gaming Headset

ASUS today announced Cerberus, a gaming headset that provides users of smart devices, desktop and laptop computers with lively audio that's full of power and depth - and cleverly designed for both gaming and mobile use.

Cerberus is built with large 60 mm neodymium-magnet drivers to deliver bass that's full of punch, so listeners can feel the full emotional depth of their audio. The new headset also has been engineered with exceptionally comfortable 100 mm noise-isolating ear cushions and an innovative dual-microphone design - and the easy-to-carry 1.2m headset cable can be boosted with a 1.3m splitter cable to give a total cable length of 2.5m, so gamers can enjoy wide freedom of movement as they delight in the impeccable audio quality pumped out by Cerberus.
Superb, distraction-free sound quality in every scenario
ASUS engineers designed and built Cerberus to deliver superb sound quality in all scenarios, from playing games to listening to music or watching movies.

The headset's 60 mm neodymium-magnet drivers deliver unrivalled punch and audio immersion that's utterly convincing, allowing the wearer to clearly hear positional audio and game effects such as gunshots and footsteps. Cerberus also offers faithful audio reproduction, be it roomy stadium rock, crisp and clear spoken-word listening or lifelike movie soundtracks.

With full-size 100 mm PU leather ear cushions, Cerberus offers great noise isolation - allowing the listener to enjoy their audio source with minimal distraction from the outside world. ASUS designers carefully engineered the headband to exert finely-balanced clamping forces, so Cerberus stays snugly in place. The cushions are made from a highly breathable material, so new headset remains comfortable even when worn for long periods.

Innovative design for complete versatility
Cerberus is engineered to deliver the highest-quality audio in all situations - and it's also designed to be versatile enough to be used with most modern devices, from smartphones and tablets to PCs, Macs and more.

For gaming, Cerberus includes a unidirectional boom microphone. Covered with a fine-quality foam filter to prevent detection of unwanted background noise, this mic is perfect for in-game communication. Cerberus also includes a 1.3m cable extension, affording gamers an overall cable length of 2.5m - ideal for connection to computers and home-entertainment equipment. Cleverly, this extension cable employs a Y-split to provide separate 3.5 mm headphone and mic plugs, ensuring Cerberus offers compatibility with an exceptionally wide variety of devices. Both cables are braided for high durability.

The boom mic can be quickly detached - so Cerberus is also perfect for use with mobile and smart devices. With the extension cable removed, the Cerberus has a cord length of 1.2m - a length that our customers determined to be the perfect span for mobile use, cutting down cable-management concerns. This main fixed cable includes a single four-pole 3.5 mm jack plug, simplifying connection to modern smart devices, and has a conveniently-positioned in-line mic that's just great for on-the-go chat.

ASUS Cerberus
  • 60 mm neodymium-magnet drivers
  • Detachable foam-filter boom mic
  • In-line microphone with mute switch
  • 2.5m total cable length
  • 3.5 mm, 4-pole headphone and mic connector with 1.2m cable length
  • Includes 1.3m Y-cable extension with separate 3.5 mm headphone and mic jacks
  • Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers
  • Weight: 266g (with cable)
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Stole the SteelSeries siberia v2 headband design...
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One of the most affordable gaming-grade headphones I've ever bought. I dun mind where it based from, as long as it doesn't give me hassle, it's all good.
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@BumbleBee will buzz in here and say....
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