Thursday, January 23rd 2014

MSI Launches AP190 Business All-in-One PC

MSI announces the launch of its new Business All-in-One PC, the AP190. The AP190 incorporates advanced design concepts with a wide range of functions into one device. Combined with comprehensive business applications, the AP190 not only quickly meets the vertical application needs and commercial markets of a variety of fields but also integrates single-Touch functionality which provides users with a more intuitive user experience.

AP190 uses the Intel Celeron 1037U, whose new generational computing capabilities permit more efficient multi-tasking. The AP190 is globally available by end of January 2014.
Low power usage with fanless design
MSI AP190 comes with Intel Mobile 1037U ULV dual-core processor which provides an impressive multi-tasking performance. The 1037U Processor also has the characteristic of low power consumption and requires only 12 W TDP to operate, which consumes much less power than the average desktop. AP190 adopts fanless design for superior heat dissipation, noise exclusion and low power consumption for a better user experience. Fanless design does also reduce downtime as well as increase the lifecycle of the All-in-One PC.

The MSI AP190 All-in-One PC for business users is equipped with a comprehensive range of input/out interfaces, to meet the needs of users in different industries and business areas. The AP190 has two COM ports to support the use in office environments with POS systems, such as hotel registration desks, 24-hour convenience stores, filling stations, luxury boutiques, etc. These COM ports make it possible to link the PC up directly to a barcode scanner, credit card reader or receipt printer, etc. This feature makes the AP190 ideal for a wide range of business environments, with the potential to replace existing POS systems.

The comprehensive range of input/output interfaces is combined with MSI Super Charger technology, which allows charging from a USB port even when the PC is switched off, and with USB 3.0 transmission interface, giving a ten-fold improvement in data transmission speed. These capabilities can meet a wide range of business needs; whether you need to give a presentation during a meeting, output information onto an in-store display, implement rapid transmission of high-resolution content, or handle big files, the MSI AP190 is ideal for the job.
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