Wednesday, February 26th 2014

Sapphire Now Delivering Embedded Solutions

SAPPHIRE Technology has just announced that it has begun delivering products from its newly formed Embedded Systems Business Unit, targeting graphics intensive embedded system designs and small format computing solutions for a wide range of applications. SAPPHIRE Technology is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of a broad range of innovative technologies for PC enthusiasts, home users and professionals. The company was first formed over a decade ago as a manufacturer and global supplier of state-of-the-art graphics add-in boards, for which it is now recognized as a premier AMD add-in graphics board partner for both consumer and professional products. The company's extensive product line has grown to include motherboards, mini PCs and Professional AV products.
Now SAPPHIRE will use its innovation in design and expertise in manufacturing to deliver a range of standard and custom solutions for the embedded market. SAPPHIRE is closely aligned with AMD in the creation of its embedded solutions and will exclusively use AMD embedded technology at the core of its embedded graphics and computing solutions.

With its long history in graphics, SAPPHIRE will develop and produce unique products for the visual embedded market, including multi-output add-in graphics cards and modules as well as motherboards featuring on-board multi-output display capability. These solutions target applications with high resolution and multi-display requirements such as Digital Signage, Gaming Machines, Video Surveillance and HD Multi-Displays for information systems.

"SAPPHIRE has the expertise to develop custom solutions based on powerful and proven technologies," said Adrian Thompson, VP of Marketing for SAPPHIRE, "and we have put in place an experienced team to address these new markets."

"AMD and SAPPHIRE have a long history of working closely together to deliver leading-edge graphics solutions, and we are excited for SAPPHIRE to join AMD's embedded partner ecosystem," said Scott Aylor, corporate vice president and general manager, AMD Embedded Solutions. "We look forward to seeing AMD based solutions from SAPPHIRE to address the embedded market."

The SAPPHIRE Embedded BU will also deliver a number of mainboard solutions based on the latest APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) technology from AMD. The APU combines a multi-core CPU with on-chip graphics and control circuitry to allow powerful small format computing solutions to be implemented. SAPPHIRE will offer a range of mini-ITX motherboards with enhanced on-board capability as well as a unique micro-ATX board with optional on-board graphics modules delivering up to 10 display outputs from a single board.

For applications where space is at a premium, SAPPHIRE is introducing a highly integrated solution based on the award-winning AMD Embedded G-Series SOC. Delivering a complete computing solution with dual display outputs, HD Audio and extensive I/O capability on a pcb format measuring only 4 x 4 inches, the system will be available as board only, or housed in an extruded metal casing ideal for wall mounting in applications such as Digital Signage. Demonstrating its continued leadership in graphics, SAPPHIRE will also be announcing at the show a new embedded graphics board based on the latest AMD Embedded Radeon graphics technology.

With its long history of excellence in the graphics market, SAPPHIRE is ready to deliver professional and reliable products to the embedded market. Recognizing that the industry demands stability in the availability of products, SAPPHIRE is guaranteeing the longevity of its product cycles. Together with AMD, the product roadmap already extends out to 5 years.
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