Tuesday, April 15th 2014

ACME Portable Announces First Ever Portable Workstation with 4K Resolution

ACME Portable, the manufacturer of high-performance portable computers, is showcasing at NAB Show 2014, Booth# SL8827 the first ever portable workstation with Ultra HD 4K display. This portable workstation, called the MegaPAC L2, is ideal for many professional works that involve 4K display, including but not limited to 3D rendering, post-production processes, and professional photography.

A powerful portable workstation for the most visually intensive tasks, the MegaPAC L2 features two 24" vertical monitors with one display at Full HD 1080p and the other at ULTRA HD 4K resolution. James Cheng, ACME Portable's CEO, has stated: "With our significant investment in research, development and innovation, ACME Portable is able to offer solutions that empower its customers to produce professional and demanding content at 4K resolution anywhere in the world!"
The MegaPAC L2 delivers uncompromised performance for today's most demanding video and graphics intensive applications, such as 3D CAD Design Software SolidWorks or Final Cut Pro. With the dual 24" monitors, this portable workstation can also be used with any PCI-E capture cards, which makes this the ideal platform for a variety of applications such as in-venue broadcasting, live-to-tape production, network or local television programming and live streaming on the Web.
  • NLE Editing and Acquisition support for ULTRA HD 4K, 4:4:4, 1080p60HD or stereoscopic 3D capture, playback and monitoring within your favourite editing software
  • Visual Effects and Graphics support to capture in full color resolution RGB 4:4:4 giving the sharpest keys possible
  • Live Streaming support for high quality live or on-demand broadcasts for the web of sporting events, webcasts, podcasts or concerts!
  • Revolutionary dual vertical 24" monitors. Bottom monitor is at Full HD 1080p and the top monitor is ULTRA HD 4K display. Observe new details of your work with the 3840x2160 resolution and have the privilege to watch a much larger screen from the same seating position.
  • The latest high-performance Intel processors. Able to support full-voltage 4th generation Intel Core Processor to the latest Intel Xeon 12-core Processor with possibility of dual processing. Work any demanding software with high performance.
  • The fastest hard disk speeds. Having up to 20 TB of the fastest SSD in the market, you have the option of having massive internal storage.
  • Flexible PCI Express expansion slots. Use your personal favourite capturing card, SSD drive or high performance graphics cards.
  • Portable. Easy and simple transportation to any challenging environment and location. Within just 10 seconds, you can remove the portable workstation from the case, open the monitors and start working.
  • Support for both Windows and any Linux Operating Systems.
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9 Comments on ACME Portable Announces First Ever Portable Workstation with 4K Resolution

I don't know whether to think it's funny or badass!
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Wooow! Lian-Li, Antec etc. Look at this flaming weapon! Rules at LAN parties :)
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Oh man, this deserves the 1st place for the geekiest crap ever invented. Seriously!
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there a coyote and road-runner joke in there somewhere.. LOL
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Gaming Moderator
lastcalaveras said:
there a coyote and road-runner joke in there somewhere.. LOL
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This reminds me of this years 2014 April Fools joke from TigerDirect. lol

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This ranks as one of the top most awesome ACME products I've seen to date. I looks as if it came straight out of one of those old spy movies, with screening, bleeding edge hardware.
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let's create a GUI using Visual Basic and track down some IP addresses with this!
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Captain Pitt
Je suppose que cela doit aussi faire du café, grille-pain et même une pipe fois que l'utilisateur a terminé son travail hahaha!
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