Sunday, May 11th 2014

MSI Launches 16 New 9 Series Classic Motherboards

MSI, world leader in motherboard technology, is proud to announce its next generation of award-winning Classic motherboards. With 16 new models available in Mini-ITX, microATX and ATX size, the new MSI Z97 Classic motherboards present an arsenal of new features and improvements as well as technical ingenuity.

Offering reliable and fast Gigabit LAN from Intel and official Nvidia SLI support for enthusiasts looking to pair up multiple graphics cards. On-board M.2 and SATA Express provides the fastest storage performance through unprecedented transfer speeds up to 10 Gb/s with flexible solutions for using preferred devices. Guard-Pro and Military Class 4 provide all the stability you need through carefully selected and thoroughly tested components and materials. MSI's new Z97 Classic motherboards for Intel 4th Generation core processors delivers an unprecedented choice of technical features no matter which model you choose.
Stable and highly efficient with Military Class 4 and Guard-Pro
MSI Guard-Pro is the next step in motherboard stability with advanced levels of protection and reduced power consumption characteristics. ECO power reduces power consumption of your motherboard up to 29%, circuit protection, ESD protection and EMI protection all reduce interference and disruptions of surface by increasing the protection of on-board components. Humidity and high temperature protection bring the level of PCB quality up to the Military Class 4 standard where Dark Caps, SFC and Dark chokes provide higher energy efficiency and thanks to its MIL-STD-810G certification also much better stability in extreme circumstances.
Push your SSD to the limit with M.2 & SATA Express
Enjoy a blazing fast system boot up and insanely fast loading of your operating system, applications and games with MSI Z97 motherboards, offering the next generation of high speed storage support through M.2 and SATA Express. M.2 and SATA Express transfer data through a PCI Express interface with speeds up to 10 Gb/s, making it 67% faster than SATA 3.0 solutions. All MSI Z97 motherboards come with an M.2 slot onboard. Offering flexibility through an optional M.2 to SATA Express converter to use preferred devices.

Reliable and fast Ethernet with Intel Gigabit LAN
Always connected with Intel Gigabit LAN networking. The MSI Z97 Classic motherboards come equipped with the high quality network solution from Intel. Intel Gigabit LAN is optimized for multimedia and gaming use to deliver a stable and fast network connection.

Stable 5V USB signal with USB Steel Power
When connecting multiple USB devices, most motherboards will be unable to deliver a strong 5V power signal to all USB ports, highly impacting performance of connected devices and sometimes even resulting in a hardware failure. This is why MSI has developed USB Steel Power. Only MSI USB Steel Power continuously delivers a stable 5V to all USB ports on motherboards through a dedicated extra PWM, so you never have to worry about any performance loss or failing USB devices.

Optimized for multiple graphics cards
MSI motherboards feature one or more PCI Express 3.0 slots, perfectly aligned and with enough space for an optimal airflow when using multiple graphics cards. That way, you will never have to worry about an overheating PC, while you are enjoying the best graphics jumping off from your monitor when running Nvidia SLI or AMD CrossFire gaming setup.

The most advanced BIOS and one-second overclocking OC Genie 4
In addition, MSI motherboards are also equipped with many exclusive new technologies, including the one-second overclocking OC Genie 4, the world's first graphical controlled interface Click BIOS 4 and the Command Center software that combines features such as monitoring, tuning and controlling of your hardware. The unprecedented level of flexibility and control offered in MSI's unique hard- and software design puts you in the driving seat of your motherboards configuration.
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4 Comments on MSI Launches 16 New 9 Series Classic Motherboards

classic motherboards? it should be kinda oldies with brown, green or red pcb with silver heatsink :D:D
but anyway their pcb not full enough, its little bit empty
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Damn it, can't d-sub disappear from both mobos and TVs already?

Also, with time I get more and more convinced that mATX is the format best suited for the widest array of users, yet both great MB's and good cases for it seem a rarity. Seriously, how many people use more than 2 to 4 slots on their mobo?
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The real number is 13, not 16. Or what I am missing?

e: Actually, real number is 8 because:

"With 16 new models available in Mini-ITX, microATX and ATX size, the new MSI Z97 Classic motherboards"

And total of 13 9-series classic motberboards.
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Finally, the motherboards people will actually buy because they don't come with useless gimmicks like "Purity Sound" or whatever is this generation's flavour of "value-added" BS. The U3 PLUS looks like the best bang-for-buck if you only intend to run a single graphics card, whereas the G55 SLI is a bit of a step up for those who want a multi-GPU solution. Both of these models also have what I'd consider a passable number of internal and external USB 3.0 ports (are you listening, Intel? 6 USB 3.0 ports is a disgrace, fix your shit already).

Damn it, can't d-sub disappear from both mobos and TVs already?
A man after my own heart.
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