Tuesday, June 3rd 2014

Spire Readies the PowerCube 502 Mini-ITX PC Case

Spire Corp. is currently preparing the release of a new compact PC chassis, a model called PowerCube 502 that has a pre-installed 300 W SFX power supply and offers support for mini ITX motherboards.

Seen below, the upcoming case measures 215 x 138 x 265 mm and has dual front USB 3.0 ports, one 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch drive bays, one PCI slot, and support for three fans - 60 mm front and bottom, 80 mm on the side. The PowerCube 502 has a two year warranty and will cost $74 / 55 Euro.
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5 Comments on Spire Readies the PowerCube 502 Mini-ITX PC Case

the layout looks promising, looks kinda easier to install
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First thing from Spire that actually interests me. I hope this one is within 50 euro price range. Then it competes directly with CoolerMaster Elite 130 mini-ITX series. If you don't want a cube, like I do, then this could be a real option for mini-itx case on the budget side of the things. Knowing Spire, it should be :)
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1998 called and wanted its ports back...
Seriously? That was the best mini-ITX board they could find to demo their new case with?
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If that PSU can really do 300W continuously for more than an hour, I'll cut my balls off.

Other than that, this actually looks kind of decent for budget mITX builds.
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Ugly, but great layout. Maybe I'll put a paper bag over it and cut fan holes. :roll:
Seriously though I do think the layout is great.
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