Wednesday, June 4th 2014

Apacer Mashes a DDR3 DIMM with an M.2 SSD

In what could be a boon for mini-ITX PC builders, Apacer created a new line of DDR3 memory modules that come with M.2 slots. Called Apacer Combo-SDIMM, the contraption puts a DDR3 DIMM and M.2 slot onto the same PCB. The DRAM portion is restricted to half the module's height, while the other half takes up the M.2 slot. Sadly, the M.2 slot is wired to through its SATA link layer, and not PCIe, so your SSDs are capped at 6 Gb/s speeds. Points for the engineering, though.
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10 Comments on Apacer Mashes a DDR3 DIMM with an M.2 SSD

This can be a great solution !
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very interesting solution....
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I think Hybrid DIMM is better than this, but don't know about OS support.
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This should be DDR5.
Letting the Ram and SSD be the same physical thing.
Skipping the part with M.2 connection on the side and only use the now a days standard RAM slots.

ITX boards get 2 SSD slots be default and ATX boards can get as much as 8.

Smart but not that useful in todays version
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francis511 said:
How do these work ?
they just put a sata adapter on the dimm, it draws power from the dimm slot, but the data path is the sata cable plugged in the top
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Still waiting the day when only memory in system will be a non-volatile RAM. No seperation between RAM, SSD and HDD. Just one unified storage/compute memory. Crazy high speeds, no data shuffling back and forth, that will be the day when computers will reach a whole new level. And for more capacity of compute memory or storage memory you'd just be adding these storage modules. Until then, clever but useless in real world usage.
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I know computing wise this is suppose to be a step forward, however, I can't help feel those slots are being violated even though they probably work well...
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