Saturday, June 7th 2014

Rosewill Unveils Color Keycaps for Cherry MX-based Keyboards

To help organize and color-code your keyset, in case the simple F and J indices don't cut it for you, Rosewill unveiled Color Keycaps. Sold in 104-piece sets, in four colors - yellow, red, green, blue, and pink; the key-caps are compatible with all mechanical keyboards that use Cherry MX switches. Rosewill showed off an example of a heavily color-coded keyboard. Interestingly, these key-caps don't appear to support back-lit illumination.
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7 Comments on Rosewill Unveils Color Keycaps for Cherry MX-based Keyboards

WCG-TPU Team All-Star!
Wow, that's a lot of color! It remind me of Mario for some reason :)
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Former Staff
Looks like Rainbow Brite threw up on it
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big kids keyboard

Keyboards are gonna be like 360 button pads modding soon.
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The Von Matrices
The price needs to be low, since if you're planning to color code, you're going to have to buy multiple sets.
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didnt u better buy backlight with color changable/programmable?
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I like it, but I would just be interested in Red, Yellow, and black or Maybe even blue.

EDIT: I can see where this could help me in SC. Put the eject keys in Yellow. Red Keys for targeting. Blue keys for scanners and black keys for stuff I don't use.. lol Wait.. Green keys for tracker beam.. lol
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