Friday, August 1st 2014

Cooler Master PSUs Follow New EU Regulations

Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, announces today its PSU compliance list for the new EU regulations. Next to that we have upgraded the current B-series to a newer better version, the B ver. 2, to make sure these are also EU ready!

As of the 1st of July the new EU regulation for PSUs became in force. As part of the new EU regulation all internally installed power supplies must achieve a minimum level of efficiency in several load conditions and have a power factor of 0.9 at full load. This means that within the EU, focus will be on energy saving and nature friendly designs. The standby power consumption is regulated by the ErP lot6 and cannot exceed more than 0.5W in standby mode. All of Cooler Masters current PSU line-up follow these new regulations. To see all the test results you can visit this website.
Based on the new regulations in EU from 1st of July, the very successful B-series has been revised. A completely new circuit layout and new components make it compliant to the regulations. The biggest difference for the new B-series is that it now only has a single rail +12V DC out with a max current of 38A. This now means that all Cooler Master power supplies makes use of a single rail instead of multi rail.

Benefits of Single Rail
Cooler Master opts for single rail usage because of two simple reasons. The first one is that we believe it is better to have more power to one place which really needs the power, then to divide it on several lanes which might not be powerful enough. The second reason is the best one: it is just easier. Some people might not know which contact they need to use on a multi rail PSU but with a single rail you can't go wrong!

The Cooler Master B-series ver. 2 is available from the 1st of August 2014. Please check with your local Cooler Master representative for more information regarding availability and pricing.
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6 Comments on Cooler Master PSUs Follow New EU Regulations

I bet everyone who bought a Silver or Gold grade PSU few years ago, already easily meet these EU requirements.
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good, just hope that it would improve their product in the future
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I bet anyone that bought any quality PSU in the last decade meets these requirements. ;-)

But hey.... turn lemons into lemonade..... turn new efficiency requirements into marketing hype. :-)
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Does anyone know why B series don't have 80+ certification while having over 86% efficiency on 50% load?
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Does this regulation effect all other electronics with PSUs and not just the PC?
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CM Rene
Cooler Master Rep
Hi Guys,

80+ couldn´t made because 80+ test´s are in 115V ACin only.
This B ver.2 PSUs are focus for 230V market (EU) and have no multirange ACin.
80+ EU 230V certification is in process.

This new regulation contain a lot of electrical devices - PC and PSU are just one part.
It is not absolute necessary for end user and D.I.Y. market - but companies who sell complete systems need to follow it.

I am happy we have such "marketing" hype - this was one of the reason to improve the PSUs a lot.

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