Wednesday, November 26th 2014

Phanteks Announces the TC12LS Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Phanteks announces the release of the PHTC12LS, a low profile CPU cooler. The PH-TC12LS comes equipped with the latest PHF120MP PWM High Static Pressure fan designed to overcome airflow restriction caused by high fin density.

Designed specifically for HTPC, the PHTC12LS stands at only 47mm tall (74mm with fan) and compatible with 99mm small form factor case. The six 6mm C-type nickel plated heatpipes with the slim aluminium stacked fins delivers thermal conductivity more efficiently. The new design aluminium stacked fins are slimmer, resulting in faster heat distribution on the surface of the fins.
To prevent premature failures and reliability, the PH-TC12LS uses Phanteks' P.A.T.S technology to dissipate heat that generate within the case. With P.A.T.S, the PHTC12LS can withstand of up to 200 degree Celsius.

The PH-TC12LS includes the new seven blade PH-F120MP PWM High Static Pressure fan. The new fans are design to provide exceptional static pressure and airflow through the heatsink. The PHTC12LS also comes with the Solisku Bracket, a easy to install bracket that allows for a direct contact with the CPU and compatible with AMD and INTEL sockets. For cases with limited amount of space, PH-TC12LS is a great choice.

Pricing and Availability
Available at most local retailers in December, 2014; the recommended retail price is US $39.99.
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2 Comments on Phanteks Announces the TC12LS Low-Profile CPU Cooler

looks pretty nice
i wonder how far phantek could push the performance
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Looks like the exact same fin tooling as the recently TC14s. Two birds with one tooling, saving development and innovation costs like no other!
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May 18th, 2022 03:44 EDT change timezone

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