Thursday, March 19th 2015

MSI Launches New mini-PC - Cubi

MSI proudly announces the latest and smallest mini-PC to date: the MSI Cubi. This tiny desktop is built on a concept of nifty technology and a brilliant design to suit the needs of both consumers and businesses.

Thanks to the implementation of a wide range of Intel processors, users can benefit from a powerful handheld-size PC, also capable of carrying multiple modular hard disks that provide a large base for data storage. MSI Cubi is mountable to a wall by VESA standards or can be combined with an HDTV, so the user can enjoy Ultra High-Definition and high quality media entertainment at home.

For commercial applications, Cubi also comes with Intel vPro technology, ensuring a safe and easily manageable working environment. With plenty of ports to connect to external devices, Cubi is the essence of small, smart computing. A black and a white version of the MSI Cubi are globally available by end of March 2015.
Small, Smaller, Smallest

Smaller than a lunchbox or an XL soda can, MSI Cubi is the smallest mini PC in its kind, with a 0.45 liter case that still provides all the elements of a desktop-worthy PC. With curved edges, a smooth surface, a subtle ventilation frame and conveniently positioned I/O ports, the MSI Cubi is not only the smallest, but also the smartest in its kind.

Latest Intel Broadwell Platform
MSI Cubi features Intel's latest Broadwell U 14nm processor family, with an overall power consumption of less than 15W, 30% less compared to the previous generation. The Intel integrated CPU with Intel HD Graphics provides for a great performance in multimedia applications.

High speed and big storage
Based on a modular design, the MSI Cubi offers the possibility to install an additional 2.5" HDD for a super high capacity data storage. Users can easily replace the bottom cover with an extended module, providing more space for those who desire bigger storage. With a built-in mSATA SSD hard drive and an extra 2.5" HDD, users can enjoy high-speed data processing and a big storage capacity at the same time.

Security and easy to management
With support for Intel vPro technology, Cubi provides plenty of security benefits. From remotely manageable features to starting and managing your system from a distance, Cubi is a reliable business partner.

UHD display & VESA mount support
MSI Cubi is not only a good business partner, but can also serve as an excellent HTPC with support for displaying Ultra High-Definition content, so the user can enjoy high quality media entertainment at home. With dual display support (via HDMI and mini Display Port) you can connect two monitors at the same time for an efficient day at the office. Last but not least, MSI Cubi is mountable to a wall or the rear side of a monitor by VESA standards to achieve the most efficient use of space.
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18 Comments on MSI Launches New mini-PC - Cubi

If this thing had TWO RJ45 ports then it could be used for so much more! So silly to constrain it like that. let's hope they quickly release a v2 edition with two network ports. This box would be perfect for installing the (home edition) free sophos UTM or other router/firewall applications
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I'd love one of these to mount on the back of a monitor or tv for streaming.
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TheGoat Eater
I think this might be my solution for a low power media server :) - I would just hook it up to an external RAID array and let it be... Maybe test out the gpu to see if it is up to the task of being my bedroom HTPC as well :)
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TheGoat Eater said:
I think this might be my solution for a low power media server :) - I would just hook it up to an external RAID array and let it be... Maybe test out the gpu to see if it is up to the task of being my bedroom HTPC as well :)
i3-5005u 4k at 60Hz over the dp
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Testing one two three:laugh:
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It doesn't show the bar above post 1 with TPU logo, name, inbox and alerts either.
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Borked thread is borked.
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Caring1 said:
Sure is, wt?
It's indenting or something.
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Lets see what happens when this thread gets more post:laugh:
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That's not mini for today's standards. I'm so much more into actual mini-pcs. Good hardware anyway.
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videogame57 said:
I know right?
Do you know right?
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Spaced Out Lunar Tick
I like it ..........and the Cube.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Looks upgradable, sort of like that tiny blue HP machine.
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