Thursday, April 30th 2015

XIGMATEK Intros Nebula C Case in Pink, Purple, Yellow, and Two Shades of Green

You know XIGMATEK pulled out its sunglasses, SPF, and flip-flops, when it launches its latest cube-shaped case, the Nebula C, in fab pink, purple, yellow, and two Summery shades of green (emerald and lime). Built with SECC steel frames, the Nebula-C is studded with glossy ABS panels, which appear to be the same material Apple and Nokia use on their colorful phones (albeit thicker). As with other Nebula-series cases, there's a signature orange cutout at the bottom-left.

The Nebula C is a cube-shaped mini-ITX chassis, with room for a standard-height mini-ITX build (up to 80 mm tall CPU cooler), two expansion slots holding room for a full-height graphics card (up to 230 mm long), one each of 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch internal drive bays, a standard-size ATX PSU, a 120 mm rear spinner, passive vents at the bottom, and USB 3.0 front-panel ports. Measuring 260 mm (L) x 260 mm (W) x 305 mm (H), the case weighs a little over 3.5 kg.
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5 Comments on XIGMATEK Intros Nebula C Case in Pink, Purple, Yellow, and Two Shades of Green

You forgot the white variant.
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That PSU needs to be rotated 90°.
3 x 3.5" drives, but only a 80 mm cooler?
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It is mini-ITX so that should be big enough, Mats (usually low TDP stuff).
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the white variant has been available for several months.....

This case needs to be revised. I used a Silverstone SFX power supply and one of their 15mm thick fw121 fans and was able to mount a corsair h55 behind the HDD cage inside the case without much trouble. with an I5 temps don't get over 50C and even with the gigabyte gtx960 itx the HDDs don't get over 35C. They should have designed this case with the HDD cage more forward to allow normal size fans and water coolers...
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