Wednesday, December 13th 2006

Intel EOLs Celeron D

Intel has announced the end of the Celeron D 326, 346, 351 and 355 processors. Orders for the products become unchangeable on 2 February 2007, and no further orders will be accepted after 6 April 2007, Intel documents reveal. Intel is clearing all its Pentium and Celeron CPUs to make way for the increasing mainstream-oriented Core 2 Duo family and for future Core-based Pentium processors.Source: Reg Hardware
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6 Comments on Intel EOLs Celeron D

Bird of Prey
::Plays Taps for the Celeron D:: Never really cared much for this proc, though some loved it. RIP Celeron D!
-The Eagle
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just got rid o mine for a P4........
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Great procs for office work or a real budget gamer.
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Semi-Retired Folder
This kind of sucks...I actually like the Celeron Ds. I had one in a system with a 7900GT overclocked from 2.8GHz to 3.8GHz on stock cooling and voltages, played games very nicely indeed.
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About friggin time is all I got to say... they blew ass and so did P4's. Intel wasted years there while producing junk processors... thank god they finally figured out what to do, copy AMD... thus core 2 duo!!! YAY!!
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I am really happy to hear that. Burn down to ashes Celeron D!
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