Wednesday, August 24th 2016

ASUS Unveils the Radeon RX 480 DUAL 4GB

ASUS unveiled the Radeon RX 480 DUAL 4GB graphics card (DUAL-RX480-O4G). Based on a non-reference design by ASUS, the card derives its name from a dual-fan cooling solution. It features a custom-design PCB, which is shorter than the one found on the company's STRIX graphics cards; and which draws power from a single 8-pin PCIe power connector. The cooler shroud is made of glossy white ABS plastic, and goes well with the color-scheme of some of ASUS' more recent mainline motherboards. Also on tap is a factory-overclock of 1320 MHz boost GPU, while the memory ticks at 7.00 GHz (GDDR5-effective). ASUS didn't reveal pricing, but we expect it to be priced under $220.
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Awwww,.....I should have known better but they got me this time,......again,..... :)
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Signs of desperation from the marketing dept
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where the hell are my stars
The complete and utter disappointment of opening this page and not seeing a dual GPU card has ruined my day. Thanks again asus for delivering a mediocre product that got people excited.
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"Dual" that's some innovative marketing right there, 15 people around a table and someone said it's got dual fans...tremendous let call it a day!

I could have side "Red Eyes" and put red eye's (as in Crimson) for the Tiger on the box, and the fan hubs. And why are the budget models always white? I mean MSI has their Armor/ White Tiger version as the low end. It always has in my mind "flipped", in that I think of them more in the term of a White Elephant!
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Yup, misleading. Really needs to say 'Dual Fan'. Poor naming scheme.
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finally... what I been expecting from this short ass pcb rx480... till now noone had balls to put in one card.... a DUAL fan.
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Next up, ASUS Radeon 480 single card CFX*

* Cooling Fans eXtreme
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But can the Vram be unlocked to 8Gb!
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Tran Hong Duc
Caring1But can the Vram be unlocked to 8Gb!
i assume not since this is not a reference card so the pcb might have been modified, but i could be wrong, if so this is definitely a good choice for rx 480, cheap, 8gb unlockable, 2 fans!
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I expected dual bios minimum... still quite a sexy card.
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