Wednesday, February 22nd 2017

Shuttle XPCs Now Available with Kaby Lake Support

The new year now heralds the arrival of the 7th generation of the Intel Core processors at Shuttle. The first chips for the mobile segment appeared under the code name Kaby Lake back in the autumn of last year. The desktop version is now hitting the market in the first quarter of 2017. What Kaby Lake means for users is primarily more graphics performance coupled with lower power consumption. A BIOS update is required to make current Shuttle XPC Barebones compatible. An XPC with an LGA 1151 socket is also essential.
The following models now support the latest Intel Core processors:
  • XPC slim DH110
  • XPC slim DH110SE
  • XPC slim DH170
  • XPC slim DQ170
  • XPC slim XH110
  • XPC slim XH110V
  • XPC slim XH170V (coming soon)
  • XPC cube SH110R4
  • XPC cube SH170R6
  • XPC cube SH170R6 Plus
  • XPC cube SZ170R8
  • XPC cube SZ170R8V2 (coming soon)
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