Tuesday, May 30th 2017

Nanoxia Project S Family Pictured - Standard, Mini, and Midi

Nanoxia showed off its entire lineup of Project S series pedestal orientation-capable cases. The cases can be oriented flat along their sides (pedestal), so you can revel upon your creation through their all-tempered glass side panels; or be made to save space by orienting them as common towers. The Project S Mini is designed for mini-ITX gaming PC builds, in which you can install a full-length 2-slot graphics card using the included riser cable. It can hold onto an SFX power supply.

The Project S Midi is designed for micro-ATX builds, with its PSU and drive bays located where you'd expect them to be in a common tower-type case. The Project S (standard) is where the action is - capable of seating ATX motherboards, this case has loads of room for your liquid cooling setup. All three cases are characterized by a brushed-finish aluminium front panel that protrudes out of the fascia.
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2 Comments on Nanoxia Project S Family Pictured - Standard, Mini, and Midi

Damn! This is a great idea for a case. Now I want all cases to let me orient them this way. Hopefully the idea will get picked up by other case manufacturers and we get some more variety of cases like this.
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Yesssssssssss bring on the TYPE-Cs, FINALLY.
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