Thursday, January 11th 2007

PQI introduces SATA based 64GB SSD

Taipei, Taiwan ~ PQI, the leader in industrial storage solutions has just released two new products to start the new year. PQI's Turbo SATA DOM and Turbo SATA Solid State Disk (SSD) 2.5” 64GB both are PQI patented. The application of SATA technology and specially designed clip-on connector on SATA DOMs provide stability and prevent connectors detaching unexpectedly. The implementation of SATA interface on industrial storage is a world’s first. Another breakthrough is the maximum capacity of 64GB on Turbo SATA SSD 2.5” drives. If you are looking for fast and large capacity industrial solutions, PQI's got them!

PQI DiskOnModule Manager, Bob Chu states, “With flash storage technology catching up to traditional disc platter storage devices and motherboard designs being more compact than ever, most IDE connectors have been replaced by the smaller and faster SATA interfaces. At the same time, available spaces for device(s) have been reduced dramatically and hence, SATA DOM was developed. SATA interface takes up less space and provide faster transfer rate (up to 100MB/sec) than IDE connectors and maximum SATA DOM capacities will likely reach 128GB in 2007.

Apart from the benefits of clip-on feature of Turbo SATA DOM, the SATA connector is designed directionally. Meeting the needs of current motherboard SATA connectors, as they are closely packed together, PQI Turbo SATA DOM is actually available in 2 flavors – left and right directional designs. The left and right directional placement design allows motherboard SATA connectors to be fully populated without interference.

As a leader in industrial storage, PQI's experience, long list of customers and excellent customer relations have long been a favorite. Once again, offering the perfect storage solution, PQI's DiskOnModule have come out on top providing performance, capacity and unsurpassed value.

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Graphical Hacker
And expensive... OMG Cool tho...
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just wait. Its like Blu Ray and HD-DVD, two years from now DIRT CHEAP.
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where are the 3.5 version? imagine the boot time on those drives though.
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