Friday, June 23rd 2017

Valve to Launch "Knuckles" VR Controllers; Include Individual Finger Tracking

Even though current VR controllers already do a competent job of tracking our movements in the 3D world, there is always room to improve (and VR has much, much room to improve.) AS such, valve is looking to improve the way we can interact with the VR worlds we are offered. And one of those ways is by improving gesture and hand recognition in these worlds. If ever something seemed to be designed to allow you to taunt your opponent, Valve's "Knuckles" controller is it.

Through the use of a new "CapSense" tech, which basically adds capacitive fields to the grip of the wand controller, games will be able to know whether you're fully gripping the controller or not. These sensors, which for now need to be calibrated on a per-user basis, can "detect the state of the user's hands", meaning, they're able to track the degree to which your fingers are curled or sticking out. Valve has used a technologically impressive solution for those cases where you might drop your controller for eagerness of showing your fingers to your enemies: an adjustable strap on both controllers that tightens around your hands. Valve has started to ship the Knuckles controllers out to developers, but there's no word yet on when consumer versions of the device might be available.
After the break: bonus taunts.

Sources: Steam Community, Steam Community
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4 Comments on Valve to Launch "Knuckles" VR Controllers; Include Individual Finger Tracking

Ok this I like. Gun or sword grip with access to menus, movement, etc. It could suck at its job and I would still want it.
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As long as it is compatible with the original light house base station then I am golden.
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So the ones using it can be called...knuckleheads??
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While no release date or price yet, I think I will wait for the reviews of those who got in first and then wait for the Mk 2.
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Jul 2nd, 2022 06:51 EDT change timezone

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