Wednesday, July 12th 2017

CRYORIG Offers C7 Cu Cooler for Taku Kickstarter Edition Backers

CRYORIG sweetened the deal for backing its upcoming compact chassis, the Taku, on Kickstarter, by including what it calls the "best ITX-ready CPU air-cooler." The company is including a C7 Cu low-profile CPU cooler for free with each Taku Kickstarter Edition case bound for its backers (by backing the project with at least $299). The C7 Cu is valued at $50.

The C7 Cu is a variant of the C7 low-profile top-flow CPU cooler, which features copper fins instead of aluminium. The cooler can cope with slightly higher thermal loads than its aluminium sibling. The company first showed off the cooler at the 2017 Computex. In addition to this deal, CRYORIG lowered the cost of backing two Taku cases down to $260 per unit (at least $520), which includes two C7 Cu coolers.
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6 Comments on CRYORIG Offers C7 Cu Cooler for Taku Kickstarter Edition Backers

That is a nice value add for those who backed it on Kickstarter.
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Taku looks interesting. But that cooler wouldn't save it. An overpriced case with an overpriced cooler as a gift, wouldn't make people to rush to support the project. And they should solve some problems in the design. As someone pointed in a Greek forum, you can easily break a couple of USB sticks because you forgot to removed them from the side, while trying to pull out the motherboard tray.

I understand that the materials might be good, the manufacturing might be good and the R&D could have been expensive, but if they need to sell Takus they either have to lower the price by much, or create a really cheap version using cheaper materials, a cheaper manufacturer and without that "free" (really free?) cooler. People interested might already have a good ITX cooler anyway. That cheap version could be enough to finance the manufacturing of the more luxurious versions (or just show that people like the design, but they are not willing to pay that price).
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nice looking cases are all over the place in the eye of the beholder, and the price tags vary. This cases' price tag even with the bonus items, is a bit over the line. Since the Kickstarter asking tag is $299, I half expect the price will jump considerably after Kickstarter has ended.
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My problem with it is more of the styling than the price. What is the deal with the Apple White drawer face being the only option no matter what case color you choose?? Good thing they waited for the Dan Case campaign (which I am a backer) to end before trying to sell it, they would have needed a lot more than a free cooler just to get the 90 interested people they have so far... But it seems Cryorig are kind of aiming for this same group of buyers.

The Dan Case at least offers probably the smallest form factor, full fat gaming rig you can build (air cooled) in order to help justify its price (as well as nice build materials). The Taku on the other hand does not set itself apart enough from the crowd of Silverstone cases with similar form factors to ask $299. (No, I do not consider a drawer that I will slide out once to build the thing a 'unique' feature.... or perhaps more than once, since there are no dust filters plus there are vents are facing 'up' collect all settling dust in the air...)
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Personally I don't see why people are supporting big companies with money for their projects. Kickstarter was cool for STARTUP companies, individuals and small groups of people who didn't have the funds to invest to complete their project(s). Now it has gotten to this point where greedy companies are taking advantage of people who are generous. That's just my take on this thing anyways...
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Using kickstarter for products that wouldn't see the light of day anyway, isn't a bad idea, even when big companies are involved. Using kickstarter and hoping to make a huge profit from it, I agree, people shouldn't support that kind of greedy attitude. Taku's price is 50% justified, 50% greed.
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