Wednesday, October 26th 2016

Intel Starts Shipping its High-End Stratix 10 SX FPGA

Intel today announced it has begun shipping its Intel Stratix 10 SX FPGA - the only high-end FPGA family with an integrated quad-core ARM* Cortex*-A53 processor. With densities greater than 1 million logic elements (MLE), Intel Stratix 10 SX FPGAs provide the flexibility and low latency benefit of integrating an ARM processor with a high-performance, high-density FPGA needed to tackle the design challenges of next-generation, high-performance systems.

By integrating the FPGA and the ARM processor, Intel Stratix 10 SX FPGAs provide an ideal solution for 5G wireless communication, software defined radios, secure computing for military applications, network function virtualization (NFV) and data center acceleration.
For NFV applications that consolidate and deliver the networking components needed to support a fully virtualized infrastructure, Intel Stratix 10 SX FPGAs can handle the high-speed data path while integrated processors enable the low latency transactions needed to manage flow tables for control plane processing. With hardware acceleration, Intel Stratix 10 SX FPGAs provide a heterogeneous computing environment to create optimized, low latency accelerators. In secure computing applications, integrated processors make it much more difficult to snoop software operations thereby helping keep data secure. These devices also enable general purpose utility processing to extend convenience and form factor reduction in high-end systems.

"With Intel Stratix 10 SX FPGAs, Intel reaffirms its 'all in' commitment to SoC FPGA devices combining integrated, flexible ARM cores with high-performance FPGAs," said Reynette Au, vice president of marketing, Intel Programmable Solutions Group. "We now provide a wide set of options for customers needing processors and FPGAs, with device offerings across the low-end, mid-range and now, high-end FPGA families, to enable their system designs."

Customers can implement their designs today with the Intel Stratix 10 SX FPGA, using the Intel SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite (Intel SoC FPGA EDS), a comprehensive tool suite for embedded software development. It comprises development tools, utility programs, and design examples to jump-start firmware and application software development.

The Intel SoC FPGA EDS also enables customers to utilize the ARM* Development Studio 5* (DS-5*) Intel SoC FPGA Edition to code, build, debug and optimize their applications.

Manufactured on the Intel 14-nanometer process technology, the Intel Stratix 10 SX FPGA combines an ARM hard processor system with the Intel HyperFlex core fabric architecture to create a high-performance and power-efficient SoC FPGA.
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Is this stuff became "news" just because it's from Intel?

I don't recall there's any FPGA or even hard-cored FPGA news when they're still Altera, nor evven any news from Xilinx, Lattice, etc.
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This is kind of funny, considering Intel sold off its ARM business to to Marvell 11 years ago and now they're back with new products that have ARM cores. Admittedly these are quite different from the good old PXA chips. But it shows that even mighty Intel makes mistakes as to what the future will hold... Doubly so if you take this into account
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Is this suitable for the Apple IPhone?
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jsfitz54 said:
Is this suitable for the Apple IPhone?
Not at all.
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I tried to count the amount of times I read Intel, but I lost count
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