Monday, November 13th 2017

Jonsbo NC-1 Heatspreader Lets You Add RGB Bling to Your Basic Memory Modules

With DDR4 memory prices on the boil, an increasing number of users could be drawn to some of the more basic DDR4 memory kits that not only lack any form of RGB LED lighting, but even heatspreaders to begin with. Such basic kits could end up being 20-30 percent cheaper than those with premium RGB-studded heatspreaders. This is where companies like Jonsbo step in, with the NC-1 series DIMM heatspreaders.

Available in two key variants - black and red, the NC-1 is an aluminium heatspreader, with a 256-color RGB multi-color LED element, which puts out its lighting through a diffuser for softer color transitions. You sandwich your memory module between two haleves of the heatspreader kit, with thermal pads between the metal and the DRAM chips. The LED element draws power from a 3-pin header. Jonsbo didn't reveal pricing, but mentioned that pairing the NC-1 with basic memory modules will be more economical than buying premium memory with RGB lighting.
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This is going to trigger some users here for sure.
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natr0n said:
This is going to trigger some users here for sure.
There should be an "RGB acceptance" campaign, right out there with "fat acceptance" and "crocs+socks acceptance."
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OSdevr said:
This is the first sentence on Jonsbo's website describing this product:
NC-1 is a shell of RAM which can be installed on common computer RAM to achieve colorful light effects, users can achieve light effects on RAM with low cost, especially without eliminating their current non-luminous RAM.
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/me looks at his new RGB mouse
/me covers his shame

RGB is a helluva drug.
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Honestly, if you like bling/aesthetics, especially in a workstation build but have ECC RAM, this is a good compromise. I'd DIY modify it a bit personally. But, once EPYC becomes more available, I wouldn't mind adding these to my ECC mem kits.
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The cables are well hidden in these pictures and they are destroying the beautiful look as the user will surely have more rgb phases and internal lights that will illuminate the casing and illuminate the cables . A side bridge for powering and managing would be needed . RGB is just the current fashion fly.
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The cables worry me. It does mention you can connect them in series, so maybe a bit cleaner.
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