Wednesday, January 10th 2018

DeepCool Reveals Electro Limited-Edition Cases and AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

DEEPCOOL, the company that specializes in water-cooled and illuminated cases for the PC enthusiast will use CES 2018 to introduce three exciting new models based on its flagship PC enclosures and cooling solutions. With enhanced styling and color schemes reminiscent of a high end sports car, the three Electro Limited Edition are based on the company's revolutionary QUADSTELLAR enclosure, the versatile NEW ARK 90 and the Captain 240EX RGB For TR4 version.

QUADSTELLAR is the world's first smart PC case has revolutionized conventions by allowing users to customize RGB lighting and heat dissipation systems through an APP. QUADSTELLAR provides a stylish, high-tech housing for the E-ATX mainboard, multiple graphics cards, power supply and cooling components in four independent compartments to eliminate inter-compartment heat dissipation interference to achieve maximum cooling efficiency. The chassis frame is crafted using precision engineered cast aluminium technology. This ensures the case has rigidity and overall quality while keeping the weight down. QUADSTELLAR accommodates a wide range of lighting, cooling and thermal control components and these features are highlighted in the Electro Limited Edition. Only 100 pieces of QUADSTELLAR Electro Limited Edition will be made available in May, 2018.
NEW ARK 90 was developed to make it simpler to install DIY water-cooled solutions in a tower chassis that accommodates a full E-ATX mainboard and a wide range of mounting options for cooling components. A specially designed external transparent water-tube with a flow-rotor on the front panel makes the dynamic flow rate of the coolant clearly visible.

Tempered glass sections on the top panel, front panel and the whole left side-panel feature the texture of black obsidian and together with the integrated RGB lighting system allows users to display the key elements of their system. Both the top and front panels have a special feature which allows them to be decorated with an RGB lighting strip or external water tube. The NEW ARK 90 is a perfect integration of extreme minimalist design, multiple glass panels and RGB lighting to deliver a solution with unique visual aesthetics especially enhanced in the Electro Limited Edition. Only 100 pieces of NEW ARK 90 Electro Limited Edition will be made available in May, 2018.

Captain 240EX RGB is a closed loop liquid CPU cooler with a high performance pump, 240mm radiator and DEEPCOOL efficient dual blade fans. Today Deepcool launches TR4 version, it is compatible with a wide range of CPU types allowing users to integrate all the current releases from Intel and AMD into their rigs - including the new TR4 socket for the latest AMD RYZEN Threadripper processor. Captain 240EX RGB is equipped with an integrated RGB lighting system that can be controlled via a cable connected controller or with software and a motherboard header as part of a wider illuminated system. The Electro Limited Edition is a stylish new addition to the existing choice of Black or White themed versions and will be available in May, 2018

DEEPCOOL has built its reputation on the vision of providing the finest PC DIY cooling and enclosure solutions for worldwide customers by constantly seeking innovative breakthroughs in design, cooling and lighting. So today except the Electro Limited Edition

we also bring latest FRYZEN air cooler, specifically designed for the Ryzen Threadripper series processor, supports AMD TR4/AM4 and all AMD Sockets and will be available in April, 2018. Ultra large copper base with mini-bumps and parallel arrangement of 6 boot-shaped heat-pipes perfectly cover the Ryzen Threadripper processors and offer extreme heat dissipation performance. In addition, exclusive metal fan frame with inverse double-bladed fans, offering twice the air pressure for twice the performance and 16.7M true color RGB flowing light system, in-built with 5 effects (dynamic color, static, breathing, comet, and fashion collision) for the top cover and fans for a total of 36 modes to choose from, meanwhile it supports Addressable RGB function with sync-control for the motherboard lighting.
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6 Comments on DeepCool Reveals Electro Limited-Edition Cases and AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

That CPU cooler looks quite unique.
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This should be the dream setup for someone who already has one of those grey-and-orange watercooled Asus laptops. An outlandish UFO of a case and AIO in matching colors? Why not?
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The Quadstellar would be perfect if the orange was a similar color to the rest of the case, or at least a complimentary color like dark gray. But orange? With some orange led fans and lighting it would be ok. But a neutral color would have made it easy for the user to pick their own color scheme. It's almost like you're saying; "Please avoid me unless you like orange!"
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Sp33d Junki3
Dont know what it is for the CLC. But it really does look great.
Mix of silver and orange adds such a different look and feel.
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...linus Tech partnership upcoming?
Isn't that black and orange? I bet LTT will be getting a few of these for some build videos though. They rarely pass up anything orange.
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