Tuesday, March 13th 2018

ADATA XPG Launches the Gaming SX950U 3D NAND SSD

ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of high performance DRAM modules, NAND Flash products, and mobile accessories, today launched the XPG SX950U 2.5" SATA 6 Gb/s Gaming SSD which utilizes the latest 3D NAND Flash memory and is driven by a high-speed SMI controller to reach large capacities of up to 960 GB with significantly higher read/write speeds up to 560/520 MB/s.

Furthermore, the SX950U is equipped with Intelligent SLC Caching and a DRAM Cache Buffer to provide an optimized and consistent performance. To ensure data integrity and the safety of data transmission, the SX950U features LDPC ECC and RAID Engine technologies, enhancing the stability of the system and extending the SSD's lifespan. For PC enthusiasts and gamers in pursuit of the optimal gaming experience, the SX950U is the ideal choice for improving system performance at an affordable price.
High Speed with Great Stability
The SX950U Gaming SSD applies the latest generation of 3D NAND Flash, providing higher reliability and performance in comparison to previous 2D NAND SSDs. With large capacities of up to 960 GB, gamers can store more games and data on the SX950U. The SSD employs an SMI controller, along with intelligent SLC Caching and DRAM Cache Buffer, and is rated at maximum transfer speeds of 560 MB/s for reads and 520 MB/s for writes. Thanks to the features of the SX950U, gamers will be able to launch and load games faster than ever.

Ultra-Durability for the Gamers
To prevent errors from occurring during data transfer, the SX950U supports LDPC ECC (Low Density Parity Check Code) to enable algorithms to operate in real-time, precisely decode, and improve the quality of data transmission. In addition, the SX950U has built-in RAID Engine and Data Shaping technology for data safety and provides superior stability with a long lifespan. The SX950U offers the added benefit of an extended 5-year warranty as befits its premium quality.
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8 Comments on ADATA XPG Launches the Gaming SX950U 3D NAND SSD

~Technological Technocrat~
Yawn... Where is the "taking gaming to another level" monica?
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Who's Monica?

EDIT: Did you mean Moniker?
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When are these idiots going to realise we want high capacity SSDs!!!!!
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I want a relatively inexpensive 2TB SSD so I can ditch my mechanical HDD.
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Rebranded Micron?
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2 more years of warranty and roughly $30 cheaper than the competition... For the same performance...
RivageRebranded Micron?
Probably not exactly rebrand, micron does not use SMI controllers for their enterprise ssds(Those have been Marwells). But yeah Crucial line has some SMI controllers in BX100, BX200, BX300 and MX500. So in most probably share lot of the same with newest mx500(PCB, NANDs, Dram etc.). Only difference might be in firmware, which ADATA can make their own(I.E. Different over provisioning than mx500, thus the different size). But yeah eagerly waiting to see reviews of these ones, I'm actually really hoping that it is as good as mx500 is.
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Review sample has been requested
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