Tuesday, March 20th 2018

Lite-On to Unveil Powerful New NVRAM Hybrid Solid-State Drive at OCP 2018

LITE-ON Storage, an established leader in the rapidly expanding solid-state drive (SSD) industry, said today it will demonstrate its latest enterprise drives, the NVRAM Hybrid SSD, during the OCP U.S. Summit 2018, kicking off here today.

The new LITE-ON NVRAM Hybrid drive, slated for release this spring, is a compact high-density drive with multi-namespaces. One of the namespaces can be dedicated to NVRAM drive and the other namespace to boot drive, fully utilizing the NAND portion of the drive. This drive has a dual-use feature such that it can serve as boot drive for server with the SSD namespace and as cache with the NVRAM part of the drive, resulting in reduced overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with a better utilization rate.

"Customers tell us they need the most technologically advanced SSDs in their enterprises, but those storage solutions must also make financial sense," said Darlo Perez, Managing Director, LITE-ON Storage Group. "Our new NVRAM Hybrid SSD is capable of meeting today's demanding and time-sensitive data center requirements while maximizing TCO."

LITE-ON's NVRAM Hybrid SSD is integrated with Marvell's 88SS1093 NVMe controller to solve emerging cloud and enterprise data center use cases.

"LITE-ON is a leading SSD innovator, constantly integrating new technology into its products that benefit not only customers but partners like Marvell as well," said Nigel Alvares, Vice President of SSD and Data Center Storage Solutions at Marvell. "We value greatly our LITE-ON relationship, and share a strong vision for how storage solutions need to adapt to address the needs of next-generation, virtualized, multi-tenant cloud and enterprise data centers."

In addition to the NVRAM Hybrid drive, LITE-ON will also demonstrate the latest SSDs from its EP3 series and upcoming EPX NVMe M.2 drives, which are the company's first to utilize machine learning and intelligent read retry for greater efficiency. Company data shows the new EPX drives can achieve up to an 81 percent read retry performance, compared to just 9 percent for traditional systems.

LITE-ON is continually focused on leveraging the latest technological innovations to deliver the types of reliable, high-performing and scalable drives that customers need to do business in the Digital Age. This focus on bleeding-edge engineering has helped make the Taiwan-based company a leader in the rapidly growing SSD market. LITE-ON ranked third in the world for PCIe SSD revenues as of the fourth quarter of last year, according to Forward Insights.

To learn more about LITE-ON innovations, such as the NVRAM Hybrid drive, please stop by booth (#A24) at the San Jose Convention Center or come hear Technical Product Manager Jeffery Chang's presentation at the OCP event on Wednesday, March 21.
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There wont be much need for powerloss protection thanks to NVRAM(if its replacing the conventional RAM used for caching). Would really love to see some reviews of these drives.
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