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Mistel Shows off New Keyboards and Power Supplies at Computex 2018

Mistel Keyboard has impressed us before with their MD870 SLEEKER keyboard before, and another of their products is being tested as we speak. They did not simply rest on their laurels this year, as they introduced a whole slew of new keyboards and even stepped out of their comfort zone with a new power supply range as well. Beginning with the keyboards, Mistel first showed us their take on the Cherry ML low profile switch- not to be confused with the new Cherry MX RGB Low Profile switch that debuted this year. Indeed, Mistel tells us they prefer the Cherry ML paired with their wire-style stabilizers and the new MD650L comes in multiple color options as well as a handy accessory that ties the two pieces together at a point to add a pivot function for ergonomics to those who do not prefer a fully split keyboard. Images of the keyboard are seen below, and lots more to follow after the break.
Next up was the MD650BT, which along with the MD650L is part of their BAROCCO series of keyboards. As the name suggests, the MD650BT adds in a Bluetooth connectivity option for wireless operation of the keyboard while retaining the split keyboard nature that is common across this series. The sample unit at their booth used a two-tone color scheme in black and white which was quite pleasant to look at, with good stock keycaps out of the box. On the back we see a removable battery compartment for two AAA batteries, which helps end users go with what they want quickly and also ensure the keyboard does not suffer from a degrading non-removable battery over time.
Mistel did concede that people want to see them use the new Cherry MX RGB Low Profile switches as well, and they have a completely different product here. Part of their new SLEEKER series, the new still-to-be-named keyboard looks to attract macOS users to replace the default Apple scissor switch keyboard with aesthetics that match it closely. A low profile, metal case with similar low profile keycaps and the switches provide a clean looking keyboard with mechanical switches throughout. Mistel is considering using their wire stabilizers, as seen before with the MD650L, here as well given they are not fans of the mushy feeling from the Cherry-style stabilizers. Another addition to the SLEEKER series is the same MD870 we reviewed before, but in a black anodized aluminum case as opposed to the brushed silver finish from launch.
In one of the more exciting things to come out of Computex when it relates to keyboards, Mistel also showed off a new prototype design that combines the top case piece/frame with the metal plate inside most keyboards. Usually the two are separate allowing for factories to quickly assemble plate-mounted switches in a sandwich of switch-plate-PCB, which then goes inside the keyboard case. Here, by combining the two, Mistel is allowing options to be able to use PCB-mounted switches or even analog switches that can be plug-and-play into PCBs depending on the design of the product. Mistel is considering barebones kits with these, allowing end users to then be able to customize their keyboard by using switches as they please (say, linear switches for WASD and tactile/clicky switches for the rest of the alphanumeric zone). The idea itself is not new, but the actual execution of said idea has rarely been done before and it is great to see such retail products coming to market.
In a surprise move, and something yet to be reflected on their website as of today, is the introduction of the Mistel VISION series of power supplies. There were multiple PSUs ready to go being displayed at the event, beginning with two fanless units- the MX550 and MX650- that were also 80 Plus Platinum rated. As with everything today, these had RGB lighting internally with the lighting controlled by a dedicated four pin header that plugs to your motherboard or standard RGB controller. Mistel has these PSUs compatible with the usual suspects- ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, and so on- which does make things better than having to press a button on the back as with some other products at the show. In terms of connector options, we see four 8-pin connectors for EPS/PCIe, an 18+10 to 24-pin ATX, and four 6-pin peripheral/SATA connectors.
Rounding off the Mistel VISION PSU series were two units with fans, beginning with the more budget-friendly MX1000 with 1000 W at 80 Plus Gold rating for efficiency and the same pin-outs as the previous 550 and 650 W units including the RGB header. Finally, we see the MX1250 which is similarly efficient at 1250 W to the system but has a two-tone black and white color scheme with a powdercoated white casing and a different connector layout. No RGB to be seen here, and instead we get more connection options befitting this beefy power supply.
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