Tuesday, July 10th 2018

Lian-Li Strimmer 24-pin ATX Extension Cable with ARGB LED Up for Pre-order

Today Lian-Li launches the Strimer a 24 Pin cable extension including full addressable RGB lighting module created in collaboration will world renowned overclocker and modder Der8auer. The innovative 24-pin ATX extension cable was honoured with the Computex design and innovation award for being the first of its type.

The two layer cable design comes with a PCI bracket controller through which users can change through 10 different RGB pre set modes as well as a digital RGB addressable header for those with the compatible motherboards.

The Lian Li Strimer 24-Pin RGB Cable at a Glance:
  • Innovative extension cable with addressable RGB lighting
  • - Includes controller with 10 lighting effects
  • - Compatible with motherboards that have a digital 3-pin RGB header
  • - Premium sleeving in white for high colour fidelity
The Strimer is constructed in two layers, the bottom layer is a standard 24 pin power extension cable, that works with virtually any motherboard while the top layer consists of twelve individually controllable RGB lighting cables. The bottom layer is braided and has a soft white colour which compliments the top layer when illuminated. The top layer neatly clips to the bottom via cable combs allowing them to be attached easily after installing the 24 pin cable.

Lighting effects can be controlled via a bundled PCIe bracket that connects to the Strimer. Lian Li have included several preset modes and these are accessible with a press of a button on the PCIe bracket. Alternatively the Strimer can be synced with other lighting components by attaching it directly to a compatible motherboard.

Technical Details:
  • Length: 200 mm
  • Colour: White (Sleeves), Black (connector)
  • Power Cable Connections:
  • 1x 24-Pin ATX Connector
  • 1x 24-Pin ATX Connector
  • Controller Connectors:
  • 1x SATA Power supplY
  • 1x 3-Pin RGB (digital
Avaliable for pre-order at OverclockersUK for £35.99.
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14 Comments on Lian-Li Strimmer 24-pin ATX Extension Cable with ARGB LED Up for Pre-order

TXST Guardian
Not a bad price at all. I still don't want it though lol
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Nyan cat coming to a PSU near you
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Xx Tek Tip xX
Get on my level, rgb cpu FTW.
It gives 10% more fps too.
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I'm just going to start puking up skittles in my case......I guess that would end up being a brown-ish color, so maybe I won't do that. I'll just fill my case with skittles and call it a day. Oh yeah, did I mention that I hate skittle?
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Chloe Price
Actually this looks pretty cool. Since I have already LEDs on my computer and sleeved extensions with cable combs, then why not one with LEDs?
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Chloe Price
41.90 eur here in Finland. I think I'll get one soon. :D
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robot zombie
Could be cool. I can easily see it being very gaudy in a case that already has a bit of RGB in it. A blacked-out case with just this lighting it up would probably look cool, though. Maybe toss in a color matched custom loop. Just those two things in a matte black case with all black hardware. No mobo rgb, no fan rgb, no case rgb, no ram rgb...

...I guess I have that in my head because, well... that is a lot of RGB being packed into one part. O.o
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The LED bits clip on top of what's basically just a standard 24-pin extension. I normally don't like Linus Tech Tips, but this video goes over it pretty well.

tl;dr: It's a bit dim, has weird modes, but RGB ALL THE THINGS

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I am so sick of "RGB" this and that!!!
It seems that every single news item, in the last month, has include at least one mention of "RGB".

If I never see another computer part, or peripheral, with RGB, I might die a Happy Man.

Looks as though that is nothing more than a pipe dream. It was bad enough when we had Blue fans lighting up our rooms and keeping us awake!! I always wanted a glass side panel to show off the cool heatsink, or maybe a dope GPU. Not some led lightscape that has it's own program to run through the rainbow of RGB hell!!

This Havoc mouse I have is annoying enough!! I have on "breath" mode. If nothing else, it let's me know if my computer is on!

LOL. So, sick of this crap, tell us why your gizmo is better than that gizmo. Not that your gizmo has LED's!!
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I try to hide my cable mess as much as possible in my pc...this isn't for anyone who does cable management this way obviously
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