Monday, August 20th 2018

Logitech Goes Vertical With Its Most Advanced Ergonomic Mouse

Today Logitech announced the Logitech MX VERTICAL, its most advanced ergonomic mouse that combines science-driven ergonomic design with the performance of Logitech's high-end/flagship MX series. MX VERTICAL is designed to reduce forearm strain and wrist pressure, while its special 57-degree vertical angle is optimized for an ergonomic posture without compromising on productivity.

"We know that many computer users experience discomfort or pain in their hand, forearm and in their wrists," said Delphine Donne-Crock, general manager of creativity and productivity at Logitech. "To address this, we've created our most advanced ergonomic mouse yet, MX VERTICAL, designed with an innovative natural handshake position. The unique angle is optimized for an ergonomic posture and reduces both wrist pressure and forearm strain. With MX VERTICAL, you can maximize your productivity in comfort."
Scientifically tested and ergonomist approved, MX VERTICAL is designed with a natural handshake position and a 57-degree vertical angle to reduce muscular activity by up to 10 percent compared to a standard mouse without any loss in overall performance. The comfort form is designed to fit a variety of hand shapes and sizes, while the textured rubber surface and thumb rest ensure a solid and natural grip.

MX VERTICAL provides a best-in-class 4,000 DPI high-precision sensor, resulting in up to 4x less hand movement and reducing fatigue. The cursor speed switch allows you to instantly adjust DPI speed and accuracy of your cursor with the touch of a button. With MX VERTICAL, you never have to worry about your mouse running out of power as the rechargeable battery lasts up to four months on a full charge, and a quick one-minute charge gets you three hours of use. Enabled with both Logitech Easy-Switch and Logitech Flow you can seamlessly switch between two computers with MX VERTICAL, and even copy and paste content, images and documents between them.

MX VERTICAL features a modern design, complementing Logitech's other premium products, such as Logitech CRAFT, Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote or Logitech MX SOUND.

Pricing and Availability
MX VERTICAL is priced at $99.99 and expected to be available at select retail stores in September, with pre-orders available on Logitech website, beginning August 20.
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14 Comments on Logitech Goes Vertical With Its Most Advanced Ergonomic Mouse

Interesting idea, but if it's successful only time will tell.
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kastriot, post: 3888442, member: 165334"
Interesting idea, but if it's successful only time will tell.
Its not new.

And if you google for vertical ergonomic mouse... you can see Logitech is really just copying
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PC Gaming Enthusiast
kastriot, post: 3888442, member: 165334"
Interesting idea, but if it's successful only time will tell.
There are lots of vertical mice by multiple manufacturers. This is just trying to improve on it and make it useful for gaming, which others have also tried.
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Liviu Cojocaru
I am using an Anker Wireless vertical mouse for a while now at work and I can say that at first it's really weird but you get used to it and it's kind of comfortable :) so nothing new here...I would not game on one of these though
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The layout is simple enough it may actually work with that shape. Wouldn’t mind trying one out.
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Do they make them left and right handed?
It wouldn't be ergonomic for south paws, Logitech better hope they don't get sued for false advertising.
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Bring back the G500/G5 design please...
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Looks neat. Never used one of these before tho. The weirdest ergo mouse I have is a little green trackball used by a thumb surrounded by black casing and triggers.. I'll dig it out and show y'all when I can find it
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3 button mouse.
In 2018.
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Now if only Logitech would introduce this and their
track ball marble with a novel device known as...

...a cord... ?
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I have one question though: is the rightside grip comfortable? I had trouble groping the mouse without pressing the G-key(G600). Having said that, it was great except for twitch ergonomy.
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This design looks interesting to say the least. I am looking forward for some quality reviews of this.
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