Wednesday, October 3rd 2018

Thermaltake Intros Pacific W6 CPU Block for Ryzen Threadripper

Thermaltake introduced the Pacific W6, a CPU water block for AMD socket TR4, suitable for Ryzen Threadripper processors, including the WX-series. The block offers full coverage of the socket TR4 processor integrated heatspreader, and the micro-fin lattice that dissipates heat to the coolant covers all four corners of the base where you'd expect the four dies of the MCM to be.

The primary material is nickel-plated copper with a mirror finish at the base, while the top is acrylic with a silicone periphery that diffuses RGB LEDs. Measuring 85 mm x 117 mm x 26.2 mm (WxDxH, without fittings), the Pacific W6 weighs about 400 g. It's capable of handling thermal loads of up to 250W, and supports standard G 1/4 fittings. The company didn't reveal pricing.
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3 Comments on Thermaltake Intros Pacific W6 CPU Block for Ryzen Threadripper

just say no to RGB.
What's wrong with having more options?

On another note, I personally dislike and think it looks cheap for Thermaltake to use phillipshead screws to fasten the contact plate....why can't they just use flat sockethead cap screws....they look so much better, and compared to phillipshead, sockethead cap screws are far less likely to strip at the head and they do not require pressure to keep the tip of the driver in contact with the head....I honestly think phillipshead, pozidrive and all other cruciform drive types should never be used, especially on anything in the PC world (especially cases) and all fasteners should be hex socket or at least some form of internal polygon drive type.
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not my favorite, but looks like 10x better than the intel version
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