Wednesday, October 17th 2018

Cooler Master Unveils the C700P Carbon Chassis

Cooler Master and Mark's Fabrications, Case Mod World Series 2018 2nd place winner, have joined forces to unleash the C700P Carbon - a Carbon Fiber limited edition of five units only. The handcrafted carbon fiber accented PC case brings an unmatched level of luxury, exclusivity and design to Cooler Master's flagship case.

This luxurious limited edition C700P has been designed and modified by Mark's Fabrications to deliver unmatched craftsmanship and unparalleled strength. The iconic bar handles that dominate the top and bottom of the case have been enhanced by adding carbon fiber on the C700P Carbon. The front panel is meticulously made with two type carbon fiber: twill weave carbon fiber and wasp carbon fiber. The back frame completes the full carbon fiber touch.
The C700P Carbon retains all of the features that have made the C700P an award-winning case. The frame based design provides a flexible layout that can accommodate the world's biggest and most powerful components, and RGB LEDs deliver incredible color customization to ensure that your case matches the rest of your rig. Modular design, dual tempered glass side panels and incredible connectivity complete the C700P's fantastic offering.

The C700P Carbon offers incredible strength and design, and it also offers exclusivity for PC enthusiasts who want a unique and luxurious full-size PC enclosure. Only five of the C700P Carbon cases will be constructed, and each will be sold exclusively on the Cooler Master store for US $999.

The 5 limited edition C700P cases will be available to order online.
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11 Comments on Cooler Master Unveils the C700P Carbon Chassis

What a bargain...
And do people really buy limited edition cases?
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Why even bother with a wide press release for 5 f#@$ing cases, CM.
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Why even bother with a wide press release for 5 f#@$ing cases, CM.
The real definition of L I M I T E D.

That doesnot man, they cannot do more units.
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I like how they don't attach that god awful CM logo at the front of the new cases anymore, but on this one they have to go FULL YOLO, lets stick it on, make sure everyone knows.
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limited yes...

1k price... nOt :(

I do like the carbon look though, but no way to justify that price.....
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Wow, I thought about buying this. I'm a sucker for carbon fiber.

But...I'd rather not , I barely use my rigs sadly.

Here's a picture of my subwoofer that's mostly all carbon fiber.
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love all the hater comments.

I'd put $999.99 that they will sell within minutes and that people in line will be asking if they will make more for them

More than enough Cooler Master fan bois in the market that are willing to spend the cash on something so limited. personally don't spend more than $100 on a case but not everyone is a cheap computer builder like me
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Why even bother with a wide press release for 5 f#@$ing cases, CM.
Exactly this is why they do these actions: it is not about the 5 cases, it is a media stunt: look here!
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