Tuesday, January 8th 2019

Silverstone Argon AR12-RGB Cooler Smiles for the Camera

Silverstone shows us the Argon AR12-RGB, a modernization of its Argon 12-series tower-type cooler to keep up with the times. Its fan carries with it most of the design chops with a translucent white making up the impeller, the inner bore of the frame, and cushioned fan-mounts. The fan features a refreshed fan-blade design that increases air-flow which you can trade in for lower noise. A standardized addressable-RGB header lets you control its RGB LED lighting. Another nice touch is the white top-plate for the fin-stack. The 154 mm-tall tower-type cooler features heatpipe direct touch base, and can handle thermal loads of up to 125 W (TDP), with support for most modern mainstream desktop CPU socket types, including AM4 and LGA115x.
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4 Comments on Silverstone Argon AR12-RGB Cooler Smiles for the Camera

It definitely looks like a heatsink.
Yup. Bland heatsink with an RGB fan stuck to it.
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polish it a little then pair with RGB fan and done you have a new product
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