Wednesday, January 9th 2019

Beyerdynamic Shows Off Headsets, In-Ear Headphones, and More at CES 2019

Beyerdynamic had a lot for us to check out at CES 2019 including their new Soul BYRD In-ear Headset which they debuted at the event. Designed to be an all-rounder it delivers well-balanced sound along with a universal three-button remote with microphone that allows for full functionality with Android and iOS devices giving users access to both platforms respective virtual assistants along with the flexibility of media playback, and phone calls. They use a closed design to prevent sound penetrating out while still being focused on comfort via its ergonomic shape that gives users a snug fit. It even has aluminum faceplates giving the Soul BYRD a clean, premium feel. To accommodate various ear shapes and sizes, Beyerdynamic includes five in ear tip sizes from XS to XL. MSRP is listed as $89.00.

Next up during our little tour was the Beat BYRD which is another in-ear design that focuses on delivering balanced sound and powerful bass. It uses an ergonomically shaped housing for a secure fit much like the Soul BYRD with flexible cabling for extended comfort during use. The ones on display featured bright orange wiring indeed living up the high-flier moniker in the placard. However, unlike the Soul BYRD, the Beat BYRD in-ears are just headphones. Meanwhile, the Blue BYRD offering gets rid of the wires altogether and instead uses Bluetooth for connectivity. Like the Soul BYRD, it offers a universal three-button remote and microphone. They also had an active noise canceling Blue BYRD ANC on hand as well which is a neckband in-ear option that makes use of Bluetooth.
For the audiophile who loves to game, Beyerdynamic has the TYGR 300 R with FOX professional USB studio microphone on display. The headphones are a circumaural design with a nominal impedance of 32Ω and SPL of 96 dB @ 1mW @ 500 Hz. Frequency response is listed as 5-32,000 Hz. It offers extended comfort with soft velour ear pads and a rugged spring steel headband.

Meanwhile the FOX microphone is a condenser style with a large diaphragm that uses the Cardioid polar pattern. Meaning it should perform well for vocals, musical instruments, podcasts, gaming, etc. It is also compatible with iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. Frequency response is listed as 20-20,000 Hz with a max SPL of 97.5 dB at 1 kHz. The TEAM TYGR bundle featuring both has an MSRP of $399.00.
The last big-ticket item was the LAGOON ANC circumaural headphones which feature active noise canceling for those wanting to immerse themselves in music, movies or audiobooks. Thanks to the active noise canceling users can focus on the media they are consuming and not on the world all around you. They are utilizing Bluetooth for connectivity here as well, so you're not tied down by wires with these new headphones. It also supports SBC, AAC aptX and aptX Low Latency Bluetooth codecs. It is also available in two styles, the black/blue Traveler and grey/brown Explorer. When it comes to charging the LAGOON ANC, Beyerdynamic settled on using a USB-Type C connector which is a nice touch. Regarding specifications all we have at the moment is the frequency response which they claim is 10-30,000 Hz.
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