Wednesday, January 30th 2019

MSI Unveils Infinity X 9th: Its Most Powerful Gaming Desktop

MSI, world's leading manufacturer of true gaming hardware is proudly announcing its new edition of Infinite X Gaming desktop. Featuring the Intel 9th generation processors up to i9-9900K, the MSI Infinite X 9th can overlock its system, offering addictive power for any gameplay. Together with the MSI's renowned RTX graphics cards, Infinite X 9th put its users ahead of any others right before their game has started. To keep a system with all this power cool, the Infinite X 9th uses MSI's exclusive Silent Storm Cooling 3 thermal design, making its cooling efficiency unmatched and as quiet as an assassin. If you are the gamer who like to explore the never-ending possibilities for gaming and multitasking, Infinite X 9th is the one you shouldn't miss.

This godsend rig also maintains its "Stand above the rest" spirit from its predecessor, as the system offers ultimate convenience for upgrading as new components appear in the market. And as always, MSI has added its own gaming DNA features such as a tempered glass side panel and RGB Mystic Light to customize this gaming desktop to your own liking.
At the heart of this gaming desktop is the powerful latest 9th generation Intel Core K-series processor. The pinnacle of Intel CPU power i9-9900K is also on the list of the components for those who are power craving the hardware inside is amped up in speed and performance, any games and other demanding computing tasks will be able to run smooth.

Infinite X is outfitted with up to RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards that is tweaked specially by MSI. Instead of a standard reference card. Gamers can now enjoy the best in-game performance with newest ray-tracing possibilities while the supreme cooler system keeps your graphics card cool and quiet. Welcome to a True Gaming PC.

MSI crafted a unique way to keep the system as cool and quiet as possible by individually cooling the most important heat-generating hardware in the system using separated chambers. When performance really matters, Infinite is up to the task and delivers powerful gameplay without annoying gamers with noisy ventilators or overheating hardware.

Like to glance at all the gaming components inside? Or prefer the classic look of a stylish gaming PC? We're letting you decide! Both the classic black side panel and the sturdy transparent glass side panel with a thickness of 4 mm are at your disposal with this gaming monster. Always get the best performance out of your system now and in the future with the latest technologies. The components inside the MSI Infinite X 9th are easily accessible and ready to be upgraded at any time. Whether you're expanding storage or upgrading your processor or graphics card, you can always keep your gaming rig up to date with the latest hardware.
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8 Comments on MSI Unveils Infinity X 9th: Its Most Powerful Gaming Desktop

~Technological Technocrat~
All these big marketing buzzwords makes me want to vomit.

And since when did having a tempered glass side panel considered to be 'gaming DNA' ???

Somebody get me a bucket...
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"gaming" moniker has been abused... also, how the heck does tempered glass panels are deemed as "gaming DNA"?? geezus MSI... no wonder you're still known as the "king of gimmicks".
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Horrible case design, gimmicky naming (appearently tempered glass is now "gaming" feature) and cable management rivalring that of The Verge.
Think this is the worst looking pc I've seen for a while now, at least when speaking of company assembled pc's.
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The Exiled Airman
Change the front panel, it's stupid
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Jill Valentine
Agree, terrible cable management and the rear fan grill looks restrictive as hell.
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its the wrong breed for me, wonder what its priced at ? i dont know but bet it hurts :)...
Posted on Reply
Nope. No taste in that thing.

Also skipped motherboard in description..

And not really best GPU either.
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~Technological Technocrat~
MescalambaNope. No taste in that thing.

Also skipped motherboard in description..

And not really best GPU either.
According to MSI's Specs

Z-370 so most likely a Z-370 Plus board Or the next step up from that, that has better VRMs to avoid the CPU blowing up the motherboard. It could even be a Z370M GAMING PRO AC except that one has a better Wifi card....

Maybe its an addin wifi card rather than a built in one.
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